Steps of love - episode 60 (the end)

Steps of love - episode 60 (the end) Ngozi Lovelyn Stories 

Ifunanya was still waiting for Victor to return with the juice and the food, but he was taking a lot of time.

"And he is with my phone. I shouldn't have allowed him leave with it. What if Beat calls? What if he finds out what we did?" Ifunanya walked about, nervously 

Victor was still searching for where to buy the most effective insecticide when his phone started ringing again, but he ignored it.

"This phone is becoming useless, it's interfering with my concentration. I need to focus to get this done with, already. So, I should get rid of this phone"

Ifunanya was no longer herself, she wondered why Victor was taking so much time. 

She then stepped out of the balcony, to see if she could see him, but no trace of him. 

She then went back to the room.

Just then, Victor arrived and gave her a casual smile.

Ifunanya observed his face and noticed that he was looking cheerful and bright, compared to how he looked before he left to buy the food. 

"You are happy? What's the good news?" she asked 

"Yes my dear." he then quickly reminisced how lucky he was to read the message Onyema sent as he was about to throw his phone away, he then continued "There is one thing I love about, destiny. No matter how you try to hide it. No matter how you fight to prevent it, what is written, is already written and can never be erased."

Confused Ifunanya continued looking at him, waiting to understand the angle he was coming from.

"How are you feeling now?" Victor asked

"I'm fine"

"I meant your fake sickness, how are you keeping up?"

Then, Ifunanya realized that her bubble had busted. 

"My Amanda is still alive."

Ifunanya widens in shock. 

"I hate myself now for not sensing the evil flourishing in you, but I thank God for everything"

And Victor started heading to the door.

"Victor" Ifunanya called in a loud voice

And Victor turned, looking at her 

"What do you mean by, Amanda is still alive? What's going on?" She gave a serious questioning look 

But Victor ignored her, grabbing the door handle, opened it, making way for 3 policemen to gain entrance. 

"Enjoy your stay in prison" he said, dropping her phone beside her and starts walking away. 

"I love you Victor, everything I did, was all for you. I did them for love, no woman will be able to love you the way I do" 

"I think this time, you are sick for real" he said walking away, and burst into tears.

He blamed himself for not listening to his heart. 

He felt his heart not tagging along with him, but he headed anyway to Ifunanya's manipulations. 

"I don't know if Amanda is ever going to forgive me. How do I face her now?" 

Onyema knew that, it will be so difficult for Victor to face Amanda, even if he try, his guilt won't allow him, so he decided to help him out.

While Victor was still sucking his pains, his phone rang and it was Onyema. 

He then answered..

"Victor, why are you not here? Come see me" Amanda said in a very weak voice 

And Victor melted. He zoomed off in speed of light, straight to the hospital. 

When he entered, Onyema was standing beside Amanda who was bandaged all over.

And Victor fell on the ground, raining tears on himself.

And Onyema walked to him, urging him to be strong for Amanda. 

"She needs you, she needs your strength to get through this. So be a man just for her" 

And Victor quickly understood his point.

So Onyema left, allowing them to have their moment 

While standing beside Amanda, he was lost of the right words to say first. 

"I am sorry for everything. Right now, Ifunanya is at the police station, paying for her crimes" he managed to say

But Amanda did not react to that. She kept fixing a look on him.

"Victor, I will never be able to walk again." She weakly said

And Victor looked her in the eyes and understood how broken and sad she was.

"Amanda, I love you. Even if the doctors confirm you lost your womb in the accident, that won't stop me from spending the rest of my life with you. I love you baby. I will be by your side till the end, being everything you need. I will be your super man, your super lover and your super husband. I love you Amanda. I love you. Just do and get better and watch me colour your world with brightness."

While he was still professing his love, Amanda fell asleep. She was dosed with heavy drugs, helping her deal with the degree of pains.

And noticing she was sleeping, Victor released himself and poured out his tears. 

He then vowed to be by Amanda's side for the rest of her life, showing her nothing but love. 

"I love you Amanda, I will love you forever baby. You will never lack anything in this life, I will make sure of that" he then kissed her forehead, meaning deeply every word he said.

"I will be your step. Your step of love, your eternal love. I promise"

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