Steps of love - episode 59 | Ngozi Lovelyn Stories

Steps of love - episode 59| Ngozi Lovelyn stories 

Victor was seriously bruised with guilt. The thought of not listening to Amanda kept piercing his heart.

He concluded ending his life, otherwise the guilt will definitely destroy him.

In order to make the pains less painful, he decided to end his life at that spot, by standing in front of an oncoming vehicle. 

While on it, waiting for his death, a second thought brushed his mind.

"Not yet, not without making that Ifunanya pay for all the evils she committed" he fumed, entered his car, picked his phone and started dialing her mobile line.

Immediately Ifunanya saw the call, she faintly screamed his name joyfully, tapping the green button. 

Victor calmed his voice, asking her if she was still in the hospital. 

And she said yes.

"In a private ward?" he asked kindly

And she said no.

"You are my woman, you shouldn't be in that public ward, Ask them to transfer you to a private room. I will join you soon"

"Alright baby, I love you" she said, waiting for Victor to reply back, but he was silent. 

"I love you baby" she said again. 

"Hello....Hello" Victor said, pretending to be having poor signals 

"Yes baby, I can hear you clearly" she said but Victor ended the call.

He wanted to respond the "I love you" but he couldn't see himself saying it, it was too strong for him to pretend. 

Ifunanya tried calling back, but he wasn't picking up.

Ifunanya was already leaving the hospital when the call came in. So in order to draw his sympathy, she decided to resume her act by returning to the hospital and making a proper entry.

While on the steering, driving to the hospital, thinking on the easiest way to snap the life out of Ifunanya and also ending his life after, his phone started ringing again. 

He refused to touch it, without knowing who the caller was.

It continued ringing and he got infuriated, thinking that Ifunanya was the caller and she was disturbing the moment. 

He then pulled over, took a deep breath, to bring himself to replying her unfortunate "I love you" wish, but not knowing that, Onyema was the one on the line. 

When he saw that it was Onyema, he quickly answered, highly expecting a good news that Amanda was somehow alive, but his expectations fell short of disappointment. 

Onyema was at his place with the police to arrest Ifunanya.

He asked him if he had a clue to where she could be.

"What Ifunanya needs now, is to die. The police is corrupt. She may bribe her way out of the police and won't face the punishment she truly deserves" He thought 

"Hello, can you hear me?" Onyema asked from his end, but Victor gave him the "no answer". 

That he too had been calling Ifunanya, but no response. 

Onyema said ok and then disconnected the call.

Victor then got more determined to hasten his plan and finally done with it.

Ifunanya didn't sense a thing and was brimmed with joy that Victor was coming to see her. 

And having requested her to be transferred to a private ward rekindled her hope that, he still love and cares for her.

When Victor reached the hospital, he met Ifunanya who was already waiting for him. She was acting to be seriously ill. 

While she opened her arms, requesting Victor to hug her, he requested her to remain still, that she was sick.

"But not the kind that will prevent me from hugging you. Come hug me, my love, I just need your arm around me"

Victor was getting sick of her acting but managed to keep himself together from exploding. Her sight irritated him.

"You said you are sick?" he asked


"Ok, I'm here now." he said, sitting on the chair that was placed opposite the bed 

While in the room, his phone started ringing. He checked, it was Onyema, he ignored it.

"You are not answering your call?" she asked

"It's Onyema, I don't know why he is pestering me"

"Wow" Ifunanya wasn't expecting him to react with such resentment towards Onyema.

"Which means, he is finally done with Amanda" she rejoiced in her heart 

The phone started ringing again, Victor refused to pay attention. He was struggling to come to terms that, he was about to do something he never thought he would do in his entire life.

"Victor pick up, Amanda is alive, Amanda is alive pick up" Onyema couldn't wait go break the most exciting and fulfilling news to him, but Victor wasn't planning on answering him.

He decided to text him instead, but Victor still did not pick up. He muted his phone.

Victor was sweating profusely, sitting opposite Ifunanya, looking at her 

"Baby, you are so quiet, are you ok?"

"I'm fine" he replied "how are you feeling now?"

"I am good."

Victor said ok, continued looking at her, searching in his mind the best way to kill someone to make sure that she die for real. He doesn't want to make a mistake. 

He then remembered insecticides and wondered why the thought did not cross his mind earlier. 

"Do you care for fruit juice?" he asked

and she said yes.

"Alright, remain here while I go get you a pack of juice and something good to eat" he said, acting calm

And Ifunanya said ok.

When he reached the door, he returned to Ifunanya's bed side and took her phone.

She wondered what he was trying to do with it.

"Baby, you are sick, you need to keep your phone away from you. Don't worry, I won't answer your call and I also won't read your messages. Trust me"

"Ok baby, not that I'm hiding anything, but..."

"No but, just recover fast, so we can go home, to our final resting place" Victor said, as a silent calm lined his face, but Ifunanya was oblivious of the plan hitting up in Victor's heart.

And Ifunanya said ok and ask him to come back fast, that she was already feeling hungry.

Victor feared that, someone might tip her, that the police were on the hunt for her, so he seized her phone, to prevent that from happening while he left to get a poisonous substance that would help him end her life.

The final episode next...

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