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 While we wait for Steps of love to hit our screen tonight, let's embrace our latest story Married to him. Yeah, don't worry, I already finished penning down the story, their won't be a pause on the way. 

Married  to him - episode 1 (by Ngozi Lovelyn)

Love is blind when you are the only one seeing the good side in your lover.

Once upon a time,

There was a girl named, Prisca Ofoma. Prisca tried all effort to make her parents understand that Damian was the right choice for her, but her efforts were fruitless, because her parents saw something in Damian which made them vowed never to release their daughter for him in marriage. 

Seeing her parents stern stand against the marriage, she threatened them to accept Damian as their son inlaw or loose her forever. 

The first day Damian came to ask for her hand in marriage, his demon eyes were crystal visible, but his charming character prevented Prisca from seeing what everybody was seeing. 

He had a charming smile and that was the only thing Prisca kept seeing.

"A person whose smile is beautiful like a morning star can never harbour evil within" Prisca convinced herself "so he is perfect for me" she concluded and sealed her mind off from whatever anyone was saying about her Prince charming. 

Evil can't be beautiful, so she believed.

Damian was very handsome, but only in Prisca's eyes. She loved everything about him, but her family never did. 

They fought against the union, but Prisca's love for Damian was strong.

She planned doing what her family feared the most.

They feared she may alope with Damian if they refuse to grant their consent. 

Prisca was their only child, so they feared losing her to the hands of Damian, whom they believed was "evil".

So they did what they thought was best. Instead of Damian having her, it will be better that way, so they agreed.

It was on that unforgettable night, when Prisca's mother, Mrs Ofoma suggested to execute their unfortunate plan.

Prisca was lying face up, on her bed, thinking about Damian when her mother entered the room, with a cup of fresh orange juice. 

The way her mother prepares it, made it her favourite juice. She hardly say no to orange juice no matter how full her stomach is. 

Prisca can sense the strange vibe oozing out from her mother's presence. 

She observed her face carefully, and saw the uneasiness on her temple and then, came to the conclusion that something was amidst. 

She wanted to reject the juice, but her mother persisted, with a calm motherly smile.

She was her mother, and she was her only child. She believed she won't do anything that would harm her.

Whatever thing that was going on in her mind at that moment will be far from hurting her. So, she resumed confidence and then gulped the juice.

"Drink it all my daughter" The mother warmly, urged.

After she finished drinking it, she smiled and returned the cup to her mother. 

"Hope you enjoyed it?" The mother asked

"Yes, just that, today's own is tasting a bit different"

"Yes my daughter, its different. How are you feeling now?" She asked

"I'm good....." she replied, trying to fix a look on her mother, but she found her vision playing tricks. 

Few minutes later, she was loosing control of her senses. The room was getting dark. The mother stood up, having the cup on her right hand. 

Prisca managed to see her mother's face who assured her that, she was her mother, that she won't allow her make a mess of herself. That instead of Damian, that it will be better that way.

Prisca heard herself asking her mother something, but she couldn't articulate the words that were dropping out of her mouth. In her mind, she wanted to ask her, what she did to her.

Immediately the mother left the room, her phone rang.

She struggled and reached the phone which was lying close to her.

It was Damian. 

"It's dark, help me" she struggled to speak, without knowing if the words she used were rightly said

That was the only thing she managed to say to him as she completely gave in to silence. 

Damian feared his woman was in danger and tried getting her to speak, to tell him what was happening, but the silence that was coming from Prisca's end was sending shivers down his spine.

He continued calling, "Prisca", "my love", "Hello" asking her to say something. The call was still on, but was silent.

He disconnected the call and started dialing her line, to know if the vibrating effect of the phone could get her attention, so he could ask her where she was, but his fear was becoming terrifying.

He then picked his car keys and rushed out of the house, panting in fear.

While controlling the steering, he kept calling Prisca's mobile, but no response. Prisca's last words was the only scariest thing he ever heard. He felt his hands trembling on the steering, as he sweat profusely. 

He doesn't know how to pray, and doesn't believe in any God. But he understood that, Prisca had a God she was serving, and believed if he calls on him, he would come to her rescue. 

He then began "please whoever you are My Prisca is worshiping, she needs your help right now, go and save her right now. I mean right now" 

He pleaded authoritatively, while still controlling the steering.

He vowed never to forgive Prisca's parents if anything bad happens to her.

He blamed them, saying that it was their fault that Prisca was still with them. If they hadn't been a stumbling block to their union, Prisca would already be living with him and won't fall into any kind of danger. 

He dialed the number again, but no response.

Prisca's family members hate him, so he saw the point of calling them to be utterly pointless.

"But Prisca was in danger, they should be aware of what is going on" a thought suggested, but he didn't know that, Prisca was at home.

While giving it a thorough thought, trying to figure out where she could be at that moment.

When he spoke with her earlier, she told him she was home.

"Could it be her family is trying to harm her for loving me?" He couldn't wrap his head round it and decided to speed up.

Prisca's father had already rounded her up inside the car and about to drive out, but they met a resistance.

Damian blocked them on the exit. 

"That's Damian, why is he here?" The mother feared the sight of furious looking Damian who was approaching their direction. 

They could see his red blaring eyes, flashing at them.

The father tried to see if there was a way he could drive his car, to escape from him, but the way Damian parked his car left him with no option. 

The mother shaked in fear, watching Damian approaching them. She knew that, the next outcome will be terrible. Damian's evil tendency was clearly visible all over him and she wondered why her daughter refused to see him for what he really was. 

to be continued ........ steps of love loading 

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