Married to him episode 2 | by Ngozi Lovelyn Stories

Married to him episode 2 | by Ngozi Lovelyn

When Damian reached their spot, he asked them to open the door, but they refused. 

He checked the back seat and saw Prisca sitting motionless. He called to her, hit the window side to wake her up, but she remained still.

He feared she was dead, that they killed her.

"What did you do to her?" He asked in a loud rumbling voice 

"Nothing, she is fine. She is only sleeping" Mr Ofoma shouted back to his hearing as the window remained wound up. 

Damian ordered him to open the door, but he remained adamant. 

Mrs Ofoma got scared and asked her husband to open the door, that Damian was already looking infuriated and feared what he might do next, but before he could reply "no, that he won't open it" Damian found an iron and hit on the window, making the glass to shatter on Mr Ofoma's body. He was able to cover his face, preventing the pieces from entering his eyes.

Before he could shout at Damian for breaking his car window, Damian dashed him a thunderous slap, making him temporary blind at the spot.

And Damian wasn't satisfied, he hit him again with that same iron he used in breaking the glass and Mr Ofoma became unconscious. 

He opened the door and dragged him out of the car.

Prisca's mother who gave in to shock tried to fight Damian, stopping him from reaching Prisca, but she couldn't believe what was coming for her.

Damian slapped her hard, giving her a cut on the face.

While she fell hard on the floor, Damian reached Prisca who was oblivious of what was happening. He carried her to his car, placing her on the front seat.

While he was carrying her to his car, he told Mrs Ofoma to consider herself childless. That she will never see her daughter ever again. 

Mrs Ofoma wailed on top of her voices, tried all her possible best to stop him, but Damian was very strong. 

He also warned her not to involve the police or it will be the end of their daughter.

After he zoomed off, Mrs Ofoma rushed to her husband's side, trying to wake him up, as she continued crying on top of her voices. 

When Damian reached his house, he carried Prisca to his room, placed her on his bed. He cared for her and sat beside her, waited for her to wake up.

Prisca slept for 3 hours.

As she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a ceiling that looked different from her room's. 

She felt weak, tried to understand what later happened. She remembered how she felt weak after drinking the juice her mother made for her.

She then opened her eyes, tried to force herself up.

But he felt a hand holding her. She turned and saw Damian sitting by the side.

"You are safe here" he said.

"But how did I get here?" She got confused 

"I saved you from your evil parents. They tried to kill you" he replied, as her face shown resentment for Mr and Mrs Ofoma. 

"Really? They tried to kill me?" Prisca got sad, that the only people she thought would protect her were nothing but, monsters.

"It's ok now. Nobody is going to harm you, again. You are safe with me. I promise to protect you from evil" he held her in his arm, patting her.

Prisca enjoyed the comfort she was feeling in his arms.

She then said, she chose him over her parents and promised to be with him forever and Damian returned a visible smile.

to be continued.... Dont miss the final episode of Steps of Love this evening. 

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