Steps of love - episode 58 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 58 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

After Beat pushed Amanda in front of a moving lorry, she tried to evade the scene, but she was caught along with her partner. She tried making it look like an accident by appearing like a mad woman, but people around were able to notice what happened and seized them. 

They were almost lynched to death if  not for the intervention of Onyema who called the police.

Onyema was on his way to Amanda's house when it happened and Amanda was lying on pool of her blood. 

At the police station, Beat was able to confess she was acting under someone's order.

She did not stress the police much before revealing the truth. 

She knew they would continue interrogating her until she finally speak up. She wasn't the type who can endure pains.

Victor heard the whole story and broke down. 

"What about the poison?" he asked, fearing for the truth. He knew he would loose it completely if Beat confesses Amanda was innocent. 

Beat laughed and said "It was my genius idea. The Amanda of a girl never poisoned the food. Ifunanya poisoned it herself" she said and continued laughing annoyingly. 

Victor fist up, trying to grab Beat by the neck, so as to choke her, but the police stopped him and walked him out of the place.

Onyema whose heart was heavy approached Victor and calmly said "She tried fighting for your love. She tried making you see the truth, now it's too late" he sniffed and continued 

"You never loved Ifunanya, why did you proceeded with marrying her? You failed to see the truth even when your heart was against her. I was at Okwy's party last night, it was our plan to spike your drink so that, you will end up sleeping over, at the party and making Ifunanya believe you were with Amanda."

Victor raised his teary eyes which were already bulky, listening to Onyema. He started hating himself for not believing in his heart.

Onyema continued: "We knew that, that singular act will stir Ifunanya's anger and force her into taking a step that will finally unveil her true colours." He cried, trying to hold himself, while Victor kept facing him. 

Victor was looking at him but his mind was no longer there. He was reminiscing everything and how his heart and entire being were against him for choosing Ifunanya 

Onyema continued "It was all my fault. I miscalculated her moves. I never knew Ifunanya can kill. I now believe what Amanda said, that she is full of surprises" 

Victor who couldn't bear it anymore rushed out of the police station.

He entered his car and drove out in full speed. 

Still on the road, the tears rolling down couldn't allow him see clearly. He then pulled over, without checking if there was oncoming vehicle. He was no longer himself. He alighted from the vehicle and started walking about like a crazy person. 

"Why did the truth came out late? Why? Tell me why? What's the essence of unveiling this truth now, God why? Just tell me why?" He wailed, sitting on the tarred ground. 

"I can't live without her and not even when I'm the cause of everything." he then paused, breathing deep, gathering the courage to do the unimaginable 

"She was pushed infront of a lorry, right? Then I should face the same fate" He stood up, waiting for a lorry to approach his side so he could jump infront of it.

Ifunanya had gotten tired of waiting for Victor. 

All her effort to get him on phone proved fruitless. 

The nurse who helped her with the drip had told her to leave the hospital before the management finds out what she did for her or she make a proper entry.

"No need, I will leave" she said

To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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