Steps of love - episode 57 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 57 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

30 mins after Victor left to lodge in the guest house, Ifunanya was still inside fuming, thinking she was teaching him a serious lesson, not knowing Victor had already left. 

"I am going to make him regret what he did last night" her anger kept rising 

Amanda was about leaving for her house when Onyema stopped her, advising her to be extra careful.

"Don't let her catch you you awares."

"I know. I am ready for her....... You have known much about Ifunanya, what do you think she is doing now?" Amanda asked

"Making mistakes. You know she doesn't think straight when she is angry. She is going to make a terrible mistake that will make our next plan much more easier" Onyema replied 

"What if she doesn't? What if she handles the situation calmly?" 

"Being pessimistic is very dangerous."

"You are right. I should get going now and take care."

"And you too. Be extra careful please" Onyema reminded her 

"I will" Amanda responded 

2 hours later, Ifunanya's anger was coming down and she began wondering why Victor hadn't knocked again. 

She then started thinking over everything with a clear mind and slapped herself for reacting impulsively.

"What have I done? Oh no" She rushed to the door, opened it. 

"He is not here?" she then rushed inside and started calling Victor, but his line was off.

"Ifunanya, you are very stupid. I've messed everything, what was I thinking?" she dialed the number again, still not reachable 

She then called Beat and narrated what happened and how she locked Victor outside

"Wait a minute, did you smoke something or what? What nonsense are you talking about?"

"I don't know what came over me ooo. I usually loose my sanity anytime I crash. My anger yesterday night was ferociously beyond control. And now, I made him leave the house. What if he went back to her? They spent the whole night together. Beat, I'm loosing him again." Ifunanya feared 

"He will always go back to her.  Remember the love they share is very strong,  that's why I suggested eliminating her, but you were playing the good heart"

"I think I'm finally getting the picture now. She needs to be removed."

"So, are you giving the order?" Beat asked to confirm 

"Yes, eliminate her, but please, make it look like accident and don't leave any clue behind, no matter how tiny, please"

"It's like you have forgotten who Beat is. Meanwhile, call Victor and tell him you are in the hospital. That you fell sick last night, that was why you got so angry and went out of control,  because he wasn't around to take care of you. Call him now"

"Wow! Fantastic idea, but his line is not reachable"

"Text him" Beat suggested and ended the call. 

After the call ended, Ifunanya rushed inside, took a bath and rushed to a hospital that was a bit far from Victor's house. 

When she got to the hospital, she approached one of the nurses to allow her take a drip that, she was feeling dizzy. But when the nurse asked her if she was pregnant, she said no.

"Nurse please, I'm ok, perfectly fine. I'm pretending to be sick to make my fiance not to break off our engagement. I want to play with his emotions and make him regret what he did last night. He left me and spent the night with his ex girlfriend who has been fighting for ways to separate us. Help a fellow lady, please." she begged 

"Then I'm ready to help you. Follow me" the nurse said, agreeing to help her

She then texted Victor, telling him that she was in a hospital and also wrote the address. She took some photos of herself and sent to him on WhatsApp. 

3 hours later, Victor still had not received the message. 

She started getting impatient and asked the nurse to pause the drip, till she confirms that Victor had read the message. She wanted to have Victor see her taking the drip

Beat had already stationed at the junction that lead to Amanda's house, waiting for when she will come out. She already had her plans in place and ready to execute it.

Finally, Victor read the message and saw himself rushing to the hospital. 

After Ifunanya saw that he had read it, she prepared herself, looking sick to make him feel guilty for what he did to her.

While Victor was on his way, rushing to the hospital, he received a call that shocked him to the bones. He pulled over forcefully, with sound of his tyres screeching loudly. 

Victor answered Onyema's call who broke a sad news that, Amanda was involved in a terrible accident. 

"Do you mean she is really dead?" He nervously asked, with his hands shaking uncontrollably while having it to his ear, holding the phone

But Onyema couldn't answer him, tears couldn't allow him speak.

4 hours later, Ifunanya was still waiting for Victor who had refused to answer any of her calls. 


Do you believe Amanda is dead?

To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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