Steps of love - episode 56 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 56 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Ifunanya's heart remained troubled as sleep was far from reaching her eyes. 

She kept fuming, gazing at the clock, tapping feet, thinking of a better way to approach Victor when he finally returns. 

"So, after everything I did for him, he still went back to her? Which means, Onyema was right after all"

Fear engulfed her after her mind brushed the part Onyema said, the wedding may not take place.

"Never! I said, never! This wedding has already taken place, what's remaining is to share the story of how it happened"

Onyema had succeeded in setting motions for Ifunanya as he speculated what her next move will be.

"Now, she will try to get physical. I want you to be on the alert. Be vigilant, so that her attack doesn't come unexpected" Onyema instructed Amanda whose face suddenly went cold.

"What is it?" he asked

"What if she kills him? What if she gets the impression that the wedding may not take place and then end up hurting Victor?" Amanda feared

"You were friends with Ifunanya for a very long time and yet, you can't predict her behaviours?"

"My dear, she is full of surprises. She gave me a shock after she consumed that poison. My dear, I understimated her, she can go extreme"

"She is never going to hurt him. What we should be worried about now, is your own safety. She might try something terrible"

"Then, I am not afraid. I am ready for her" She said, looking determined 

Finally, 7:12am ticked and the door bell chimed. 

Ifunanya's emotions went up. 

"Victor, today I am going to show you that, nobody messes with me. So, you have the impudence to return to this house after frolicking with her, doing whatever nonsense you deem fit with her? Then be ready for my fury. I am going to show you who I truly am" she boils, walking about in the living room as Victor continued ringing the door bell.

"Ah..ah, why is she not answering the door?" he wondered and just then, she came out

"Who is there?" she asked

"Ow..seems, you were sleeping. Open, it's me"

"Yes, I know it's you. So you have the mind to return to this house after doing whatever nonsense you did with her last night?"

And Victor couldn't understand what she meant.

"Can you open the door first. I'm very dirty, I need to shower. A lot happened last night"

"Yes, I know, a lot happened, quite a lot. So, she couldn't even boil you a proper water for bath?"

"Who are you even talking about?" Confused Victor asked

"Victor, if you know where you are coming from, better go back there now, because I'm not opening this door. I really can't stand your presence right now. After everything I did for you, you still have the dirty mind to cheat on me?" she raked 

"What's wrong with you? This is my house, I demand you open this door right this minute" Victor commanded 

"Then come and make me. You will spend your day in that stairs today" she challenged him and then walked inside 

"Open this door now!" Victor banged loudly in an angry mood, but Ifunanya had already gone inside. 

"I have been so calm with you and you think you can play with my kindness. Imagine, we are not yet married and he is already cheating on me? It's good that I teach him a little lesson, so that he will understand I'm not the type of woman he can mess with. He can't cheat on me and goes free. Never! It's good I unveil my personality a little. That's one thing with men, when you try being nice, they treat you like a dummy. He will take his bath in that staircase today. Nonsense. " she hissed, boiling over the whole issue, sitting on the couch. 

Victor was shocked. He never expected such outrageous behaviour from her.

"Can you imagine? A woman I have not yet married, locking me outside my own house? Like seriously. Where has such thing ever happened? She did not even hear me out to know why I didn't come home last night.  Does it mean, she is not bothered about my wellbeing or what? What if I had died last night?" Victor couldn't contain his shock. He then decided to lodge in a nearby guest house, just to clear his head.

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To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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