Steps of love - episode 55 by Ngozi Lovelyn


Steps of love - episode 55 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

One thing Victor hated more was being called, a liar. He always loved people to believe him by his words, because he wasn't the type who fancy lies.

Onyema discovered that during his period of studying him, his likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. 

Another major thing he discovered was the level of his love for Ifunanya. 

He knew that, their union wasn't base on love, so any unwanted behaviour from Ifunanya can easily piss him off. 

Amanda wasn't so interested in joining the fight, because she had given up on anything that had to do with Victor. 

"Amanda, I am not asking you to get  back with Victor, but are you going to sit and watch him end up with someone like Ifunanya, knowing quite well she is evil? If not for anything, atleast for the undying love you have for him. See Amanda, I am not asking you to get back with him, I'm asking you to save him. Save Victor!"

"What of Ifunanya? I can't fight her. I might end up looking like the villain." Amanda replied, nurturing fears

"Nooo! We are not engaging in any physical fight with her. To deal with someone like her requires mental fight.  Just follow my lead, do anything I ask you and see her creating tensions for herself and her relationship. And just in her own accord, she will be loosing Victor for good, because our tricks will incite her into doing that. So now, are you willing to save Victor from the shackles of Ifunanya?" Onyema asked, looking motivated 

"I think I am. Let's do this" Amanda got spirited 

"Yes, that's the spirit" Onyema said

It was 3:14am, Victor was still not at home.

Ifunanya hadn't slept a bit. Victor's line wasn't connecting and she was loosing her mind.

She kept getting the urge to call Amanda, as she was getting the feeling Victor was with her.

"Will I be making a fool of out of my self by calling her? I need to brave up and show her that, I'm not bothered. That Victor is truly mine, that he will still come back to me after doing what ever he is doing with her " she said to herself, trying to get hold of her emotions 

Amanda and Onyema were still waiting for Ifunanya's call. Onyema was confident that Ifunanya would call, while Amanda was having doubts. 

"Are you sure she fell for it?" Amanda asked

" Ifunanya is someone who likes to be in control. She will love to be in charge of Victor's life and wouldn't like it when she feels betrayed and cheated. Victor dares not cheat on her or his life will be a mess"

"Hmm, you really did your homework" Amanda praised him

As Onyema tried to return the gesture, Amanda's phone started ringing. 

She checked and it was Ifunanya 

"Wow, she is calling, just like you said" Amanda said, looking surprised 

"You shouldn't be surprised. I told you she will call. Now, answer it" Onyema urged

"Hello Ifunanya" she greeted in a very low tone

"Why is she whispering?" Ifunanya asked herself

"Are you whispering? Is he there with you?" She asked Amanda, becoming repulsive 

"Is that why you called?" Amanda whispered to the phone, throwing Ifunanya off balance, giving her the nudge that Victor was actually with her 

"Amanda, are you not ashamed of yourself, sleeping with someone's husband?"

"Can we talk in the morning, I don't want to wake him." 

"Who is that baby?" Onyema asked, toning his voice to that of Victor's 

"Baby, you are awake? Sorry I woke you"

"Come back to bed, love" he added 

"Alright baby. Just give me 2 seconds" Amanda said to Onyema and then returned to the call: "Go back to sleep now, you will have him in the morning" Amanda then, ended the call.

Ifunanya went red, almost smashed her phone, as her breath heightened. 

She then, tried calling again, but Amanda ignored her. She called upto 10 times, but no response. 

"Guy, you are too good. You sounded just like Victor. For a moment, I thought you were him" she said, remembering Victor

Onyema who noticed how calm her face went, asked her if she was missing him.

And she said "A little bit. Your fake voice just reminded me of him. I love him. I really do. It's so sad, that I can't fight for him"

"That's what you are doing now. Stop being scared, be brave and fight for what's yours. Heaven will know that, you tried. And if he is truly yours, the universe will be extending their help. There is still hope to get your love back. Don't give up" Onyema tried motivating Amanda not to give up in the fight 

Nobody has gotten this question yet, where is Victor?

To be continued 

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