Steps of love - episode 54 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 54 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Ifunanya was still finding it very difficult to be herself after stumbling on Onyema. 

Everything he said kept ringing in her head.

"Why am I fighting myself over what Onyema said? After all, he is only being Onyema. I shouldn't allow his false words get to me" she said, trying to pull her emotions together  

After she remembered how Victor had been acting towards her. His indifferent behaviour, her spirit went down again.

Their wedding was just days away and the vibes were missing around Victor. He wasn't acting excited over it. 

"Even yesterday, I asked him if he was happy, but he replied casually, without showing any expressions on his face. Could Onyema be right?"

She then picked up her phone and started dialing his number. 

The moment Onyema saw her call, he smiled and said "Just as predicted, but I am not going to answer yet. She is going to call thrice, that's when I am going to answer. This is going to add panick feelings on her being"

"Pick up your call you imbecile" she cursed, still trying the second time.

And Onyema kept laughing to himself. 

"You are going to call the third time, that's when I am going to answer"

And Ifunanya fumed, hating how Onyema was ignoring her calls.

She then took a deep breath, pulling her emotions together and calling the third time.

"What? Why are you disturbing my phone?" Onyema asked rudely 

And Ifunanya wanted to react to the same measure, but decided to control her self  

"I am sorry Onyema. We used to be friends, please, don't add me in your enemy list because of what happened between you, Amanda, Victor and I"

"Why did you call? Please get on with it, I am very busy" Onyema urged, rudely 

"Onyeme, it seems like you know much about Victor" Ifunanya asked

"Wait a minute? Did you call to ask about Victor?"

"Sorry, if my question irked you"

'Yes, it does. Ifunanya, like I said, I am very busy, but one thing I'm going to drop for you is this, Victor won't be coming home tonight. He is happy with her and not you. Why are you forcing yourself on him? That guy doesn't even love you. No man is going to love a heartless beast like you"

"You are very stupid for calling me that. I only blame myself for even wasting my airtime calling someone like you. Someone, whose life has been cut short by HIV. Don't even allow me raise your topic, because you are nobody"

And Onyema smiled faintly: "Ifunanya, you think you won? You only won Victor, but not his heart. This wedding you are busy planning may not even hold. The guy is planning for a way to run away from everything, since he doesn't have the energy to face you, asking for postponement" 

"You are lying Victor! I said you are lying. Why are you jealous of my happiness? Why cooking up unnecessary lies?" Ifunanya fired 

"Tell me, why should I be jealous? For your sake, I wish I am lying. Baby girl, be ready for a massive shock and please don't call my line again. I am not even supposed to be telling you this. You got on my nerves and I lost control " he then hissed and ended the call.  He burst into laughter at how he was playing Ifunanya. 

"What impetus? Imagine stupid Onyema. I know he made all those nonsense up. And why should I even believe him? Victor is mine and no on else's"

It was 10:91 pm, Victor was still not home and he never called to give his reasons. That was so unlike him. 

Ifunanya had already gone into a panic attack. She was no longer herself. 

11:00 pm, still no sign of him.

She tried calling his line, but not connecting. 

Ifunanya was loosing it. 

"No! No. Victor, don't do this to me. Is he still on Amanda? But he promised me that, he doesn't have anything for her anymore. No Victor"

12:56am and Victor was still not at home.

She then called a co-tenant who was living in her former apartment.

"Oh thank goodness you are still awake. I am sorry for bothering you at this ungodly hour"

"No problem Ifu, how are you? It has been a long time" the co tenant asked

"I am good. Please, I have been trying to get hold of Amanda, but her line hasn't being going through. Do you know if she is ok, and whether she is around?"

"No, she is not around. I saw her leaving the compound this evening"

"How is she dressed? Like someone going to a casual friend's house?" Ifunanya inquired

"She dressed like someone going out for a date" the co tenant replied as Ifunanya's heart flipped 

"Is everything alright?" the co-tenant asked

"Yes, everything is fine. Thanks so much" she thanked, ending the call

But where is Victor? Don't miss the next episode 

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