Steps of love episode 53 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love episode 53 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

2 months later, Onyema was still waiting for the golden opportunity to strike. He had taken time to study Ifunanya, her strengths and weaknesses. 

Amanda had learnt to move on, but still struggling to forget everything about Victor. 

Victor had finally accepted his new life, but still struggling to love Ifunanya with all his heart.

His decision to marry her was that of gratitude and not of love. He held himself totally indebted to her for saving his life.

Their wedding was just 1 week away, and everything was already in place.

And Onyema found the perfect time to execute his plans.

"Finally, the hour has come to have Ifunanya dance to my tunes. Amanda, I know you have decided to move on, but I'm not giving up on the love you have for Victor. You gave up Victor because you desire peace to reign. But I am not an admirer of peace. Ifunanya is a cheat and she is going to meet a cheat with a higher level" Onyema swore.

Onyema already tracked Ifunanya, knowing that she will be arriving Goodies Spar at around 2pm, he then stationed himself around the area, waiting for her. 

The moment he saw her alighting from a tricycle, Onyema laughed and beat the drum of war 

"Let the game begin" 

He then started walking towards her direction. 

As she turned to walk inside the spar, Onyema stumbled on her.

"Watch it you moron" she cursed

"Oh! You? So you have finally gone blind, that you don't watch your steps anymore? What am I even saying, you are actually blind that you can't even see what is happening around you. I pity your life, because you are on a very long thing. Something heavy is about to hit you and I bet you, you are not going to survive it" Onyema taunted her with an annoying smile, hissed, walking his way.

"And what nonsense are you blabbing about?" she asked, trying to stop him, but he left anyway. 

But, she still ran after him to have him explain what he meant. 

"What is it woman? Don't tell me that, what I just said now is throwing you off balance already. In fact, If I were you, I will start shivering. You think you are smart. Sorry to burst your bubbles, you are on a very long thing. Somebody is busy trying with your brain. Your wedding and traditional marriage is in 7 days, right? Let me first sympathize with you. Take heart, it's one of those things. Life goes on" 

"Onyema, stop beating around the bush and be a man for once. Speak up, please"

"And why should I speak up? Tell me, why should I? I thought you are smart? You should figure it out yourself. But I am sorry to disappoint you, because there is no way you are going to have a clue, because someone you trust the most, is part of it all. In fact, he is the master planner." he burst out laughing

"He? What do you mean "He"? Are you referring to Victor?" Ifunanya feared, reminiscing the way Victor had been behaving towards her. 

He agreed to marry her, but not giving her the full attention she deserved. She thought that, he will still come around, but Onyema's unsuspecting interference was about triggering something entirely different in her head.

"Onyema, please, who are you referring to?"

"Why should I tell you anything?" he then hissed, walking away from her, smiling in his heart 

"Now, I have ignited the fire. Ifunanya, time to dance to my music. I know exactly what your next move will be" Onyema smiled 

To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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