Steps of love - episode 52 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love episode 52 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Victor had his ears wide open, to hear what Ifunanya was about to say, but she was looking very sick. 

He then urged her to have a rest, that she was not looking so good. 

"Allow me please" she insisted 

"And I said, no! Just rest, we have enough time to chat whatever we want, ok?" Victor refused her from saying what she had in mind

"Ok, but I would like Amanda released from police custody."


"Yes, withdraw your complaints. I don't want her to spend a night there. Please, grant me this request and don't ask further questions"

Victor wasn't expecting such. He desired to know why she granted Amanda with such a big heart. 

"May I know why?" he asked

As Ifunanya tried to speak up, she started feeling faint. 

"I think I need to rest now. Do this for me. Withdraw your statement. Release her, please" she pleaded, closing her eyes.

Victor battled with confusion, as his head failed to unwrap the reason behind Ifunanya's unsuspecting demand. 

After Ifunanya fell asleep, Victor continued staring at her face, wondering what was going on in her mind.

He then concluded that, she had a kind heart. 

"Well, I don't think I have any other option than to heed to her request" He then dashed out, straight to the police station. 

The moment Victor stormed Police station, he irked facing Onyema who had also come to see Amanda. 

He gave him a furious look and walked past him..

Onyema tried having a word with him, but Victor ignored him, walking into the D.P.O's office. 

45 minutes after Victor arrived the station, Amanda regained her freedom. 

While facing Victor who was looking mean, Amanda had nothing much to say.

The only thing that managed to drop from her mouth was "Thank you"

"At least, not everybody is as heartless as you are. Once Ifunanya gets better, she will send your things across to you" he replied and then walked out of the place.

Amanda teared down, knowing in her heart that she had lost Victor for good.

She faced Onyema and informed him that, she was leaving town. 

"What? What about Ifunanya? What about exposing the truth?" 

"Onyema, I can't fight it. Ifunanya gladly consumed poison. How do you expect me to battle with such a person? No Onyema, I can't give my self heart attack because of Victor. I am leaving everything in God's hands. If his Will supports Victor and I ending up together, then, so shall  it be. It's not something I should struggle for."


"There is no "but" here, Onyema. I am tired and I need to get home"

Onyema observed how weak and uninterested Amanda looked and decided not to bother her anymore. 

When Victor reached hospital, Ifunanya was fully awake, looking a bit healthier.

She cheered the moment Victor walked in, as he was glad to see her looking different from the way she was when he left her.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked

"I am getting better" she replied, amidst cheers 

And Victor clearly noticed the happy signs displaying on her face. 

"You seem extremely happy, what's the occasion? I mean, you are looking different and stronger now"

"Are you really asking me that? Offcourse I should look happy. Any woman getting married to a charming young man like you should be on top of the world."

And Victor smiled faintly, sitting beside her.

"You wanted to tell me something" he reminded her

"Oh yes, about that. First of all, what about Amanda?"

"Just as you requested, she has regained her freedom and probably home by now"

"Thank you." Ifunanya appreciated 

"But you still haven't told me your reasons"

"I almost kissed death, but God bestowed me with a second chance. Victor, Amanda deserves another chance"

"Not that I'm not respecting your decision, but don't you think you are putting my life in more danger by allowing her walk freely?" 

"See, I am confident she has turned a new leaf. She is not going to attack you nor I, ever again. Trust me"

And Victor believed in Ifunanya's words and then died the topic.

"Before I left, you were trying to tell me something. I believe you are strong enough now to make me hear them"

And Ifunanya struck him a loud questioning look.

"Yes, you said you have something disturbing to share with me and that, I should listen attentively so that, I can understand your reasons behind everything"

"I said that?"

"Yes, you tried your possible best but I prevented you" 

"To be frank, I can't really remember what it was that I wanted to share. Maybe, I was under the influence of the drugs."

And Victor clearly studied her face and realized that, she was telling the truth.

"Amanda has been freed, at least, that's enough gratitude. How can I miss this golden opportunity with a nonsense confession? My effort has finally paid off, no need getting emotional and ruining everything I suffered to achieve. Victor is finally mine and nobody can take him away from me. The fight is over and this is the time for jubilation" Ifunanya rejoiced in her heart.

To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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