Steps of love - episode 51 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 51 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

"But the question now is, are you willing to marry me?"

And Ifunanya remained shocked. She wasn't expecting a quick turnout of events.

"Ify, I am sorry I'm not with a ring here, but this question is coming straight, from the bottom of my heart. You might think that, I am being pushed because of what you did for me today. No, that's not really it. I am convinced now, beyond every reasonable doubt, I won't find a better wife, but you. Please baby, accept my proposal and make me the most happiest man on earth. Will you marry me?" Victor asked, looking all warm and indebted, kneeling down, beside Ifunanya's sick bed

"Yes..Yes. I will marry you. I will marry you Victor. Offcourse, I will marry you. You know nothing would make me more happier. It has been my enormous desire. "

And Victor forced himself to come to terms with his new decision. 

"I know that love is not there yet, but with time, I will learn to love her. What she did today, no amount of gratitude or kind gesture will be enough to repay her. She is ready to loose her life for my sake. What more does a man want in a woman? She is mine, I have no doubt" Victor got convinced that, Ifunanya was the woman made specially for him.

"Where is Amanda?" Ifunanya asked 

"She is in a place where she belongs." he said, looking serious, because, Amanda's name was mentioned. 

And Ifunanya wired a questioning look, requesting for explanations. 

"She is not going to bother us anymore. She has been arrested and in police custody now. I wish I had done

this much earlier."

And Ifunanya's eyes widened in surprise. 

"It still baffles me how she turned out. She was a very sweet girl, what happened to her? Even her name disgust me"

And Ifunanya doesn't know whether to rejoice or feel sad about it. She had a missed feeling about it. She was ready to patch things up, by confessing her crimes, but Victor brought a news that gladened her heart. Something she had been desiring the most.

"I finally got my wish granted, but having Amanda arrested, I never saw that coming." She then remembered the promise she made to God about confessing her wicked deeds if he grant her a second chance. 

She then took a deep breath and said in a very low tone: "I have something disturbing to say and I would like you to please listen calmly. Don't condemn me much, my intentions were genuine" 

"Not in this state. You need to get well first. Rest my love" Victor, been emotionally concerned for her health, prevented her from speaking up.

"I think I am strong enough. Just listen closely, so you can get every details and how it all started. But first of all, I am sorry"

"Sorry? Sorry about what?" 

And Ifunanya sighed, looking frail. 

Onyema was about leaving his house when his phone started ringing. 

And was heavily disturbed with what he heard.

He felt disappointed with Amanda for failing to include him in her plans.

"I told you that, Ifunanya was threading in a dangerous path, to outsmart her, you will be needing all the active plans you can come up with to trap her in her game, now see where you landed yourself. Amanda, this case is very heavy and digging out evidence is going to be very difficult. And what was the need of going to his house? " 

"This is not the time for apportioning blames. I need to leave from here." 

"And with this, you have just disorganized the beautiful plan I had coming" he added

"Victor please, stop. I am already sad enough" Amanda pleaded

"Ok, which police station?" he asked

To  be continued....

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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