Steps of love - episode 49 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 49 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Finally, the doctor was seen coming out of the Emergency Department, as Victor rushed him.

Amanda's heart was pounding heavily, fixing her ear to what the doctor had to say.

"Oh God, please, let it not be food poisoning or Victor will hate me forever." she silently prayed

And her worst fears came to life.

The doctor announced she was poisoned. 

And Victor gasped. 

He wasn't expecting it. He quickly turned, looking at Amanda who was standing speechless, searching for the right words to explain to Victor that she was innocent. 

"How is she now?" Victor asked the doctor 

"She is stable. We managed to suck out out the toxic content from her system"

"Thank you Doctor" Victor appreciated 

The moment the doctor left their presence, Victor placed his hand on his chest as he struggled to breath. He felt suffocated, battling disappointment. He loved Amanda, but felt his love and trust shattered on several occasions. 

His mind brushed on the statement Ifunanya made when she was eating the food, that she was ready to sacrifice her life for him. 

"It would have been me. It would have been my end. My death would have been announced today, but she took my place so I can live. She is ready to give up life just for my sake. She loved me this much, but I was blinded."

Victor lamented, bringing out his phone and started typing a text. 

Amanda stood there, crying. There was nothing she could say that would make Victor believe her. 

"Ifunanya, I give it up to you, you are a game planner. I never saw this coming. Your desperation is on a whole massive level. For having the mind to swallow poison, means you are ready to do anything to have Victor. This is seriously, a fight I can't win. I shouldn't have come to Victor's house" Amanda felt pained, imagining how Victor would be seeing her at that moment.

 "Amanda, you disgust me. You are a beast in human form. I curse the day I fell in love with you. I curse the heart that kept refreshing the sick love I thought I have for you. I hate myself, for not seeing the truth even when everything was so evident. Why killing me? Why? Just answer me, why?"

Amanda continued standing there, pouring out tears.

Ifunanya was gradually regaining herself as she thought over, how everything happened. She then, appreciated God for sparing her life and then vowed to turn a new leaf. 

She vowed to confess her crimes the moment she lays eyes on Victor. 

Still at the passage, Amanda saw herself as the looser and decided to lay her hands off from Victor and call it a quit. 

"He is sure not going to ever forgive me. Ifunanya has messed my life and I don't know how I can redeem my reputation again. I might be harming myself, dipping in more trouble if I continue fighting this battle. Ifunanya has proven to be volatile. I can't go that extreme" She said in her heart and then moved towards Victor. 

"I don't know what else to say or how to explain myself, but I want you to know this...I know you won't believe me, but I must say it anyway. I never poisoned her food. I never did, I am 100% innocent"

But Victor remained motionless, looking at a fixed position, with his eyes burning with rage.

Amanda continued: "Since Ifunanya, has on several occasions professed her love for you, then I suggest it's best I call it a, quit. She was my friend and also a nice person, just that love can bring out the worst side in somebody, especially when they are fighting to protect the love. She deserves you. I'm leaving and won't ever bother you again"

As she turned to leave, Victor cut in; "Not so fast" 

Quick Question 

Is Ifunanya ready to confess her crimes to Victor?

To  be continued....

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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