Steps of love - episode 48 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 48 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Victor was still trying to get hold of his doctor while Ifunanya struggled to live.

Life was gradually snapping out of her, while Amanda knelt by her side, crying, holding her, beckoning on her to hold on to life, that doctor will soon arrive. 

But the doctors Victor called, none answered his calls.

"Victor, let's rush her to the hospital, before she dies here" Amanda suggested in a loud teary voice. 

And Victor lifted her up and started rushing out of the house.

"Please Ifunanya, stay with us please, don't die on us, I am begging you." Amanda pleaded amidst tears

The moment they reached hospital, Ifunanya was placed in the emergency room, while Victor was instructed to make the necessary payment at the account section. 

10 minutes later, Amanda and Victor were pacing around by the passage, waiting for the doctors to finish attending to Ifunanya. 

While they kept waiting, Victor continued glancing through Amanda's facial expressions, noticing how worried and concerned she looked. He went to where she was standing, held her by the arm and urged her to calm down, that Ifunanya will be alright.

She said ok, looking into his warm eyes, as they exchanged a hug. She felt so warm in his arm and enjoyed the calmness it brought. 

Victor never suspected food poisoning, he thought that, maybe Ifunanya had a stomach irritation. In fact, his mind raced on so many things, but not food poisoning. 

Amanda who already knew how dangerous and desperate Ifunanya could be, suspected food poisoning. 

"She actually poisoned the food..Is she that desperate? If actually it's food poisoning, that means, I am in a whole lot of mess. Victor, will start believing Ifunanya with every reason. Oh no, this is bad. I underestimated her evil tendencies. This is really bad for me"

The nurses, where running up and down, as doctor instructed them on what drugs to get from the pharmacy. Ifunanya's life was leaving her body by the minutes as they fought to stabilize her.

She was struggling to keep her health while she regretted adding poison to the food 

"Beat told me that, it's not going to hurt much, but here I am, dying, I can barely breath. My poor innocent baby. I don't see him surviving this. What was I even thinking? I should have deviced another means, and not this. God please, save me today, I promise to leave Victor and Amanda alone. I won't interfere in their affairs again." She faintly prayed in her heart, wishing for a second chance. 

The last nurse that came out was apprehended by panicked looking Amanda who couldn't wait to find out if Ifunanya was OK or not, whether she will survive and what was wrong with her.

But the nurse managed to squeeze herself out from her grip, without giving her any definite answer. 

"Just pray for her" the nurse managed to say, rushing inside.

Victor who saw how sudden everything happened wondered whether Ifunanya was managing any serious health issue .

"This is very serious. Does she have any health history?" he asked Amanda, who was praying for the issue not to have anything to do with food poisoning 

"None I could think off" she replied 

"She screamed and started vomiting blood...I mean, she looked healthy and all of a sudden...... It only happens when one consumes poison, but that can't be possible in my house, nobody would have a mind of doing that. I just hope she survives." Victor said, looking concerned and confused at same time

"Victor, to tell you the truth, I'm suspecting food poisoning" she said, aloud

And Victor gets shocked looking at her, trying to understand why she said that.

"You are underestimating Ifunanya and the length she can go to achieving her aims" Amanda added

"What are you trying to insinuate? Nobody would be crazy enough to poison herself or are you trying to tell me something else here?" Victor asked, looking serious 

And Amanda got weak. She knew she was in a whole lot of trouble if the Doctor diagnosed food poisoning. 

"Ifunanya has been complaining about your excesses and the evils you can comfortable commit to have your wickedness meet, but I chose to turn a blind eye, focusing on your good side and the burning love I have for you. Amanda, I pray it's not poison. Just for your sake, I'm hoping it's not food poisoning." Victor said, as Amanda saw the disappointment that was already displaying on his face.

"Dear Lord, save me. I am in your hands now. Save me" Amanda silently prayed 

Next episode coming in 15 minutes time

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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