Steps of love - episode 47 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 47 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Amanda found the little ingredients she needed to make jollof rice. There wasn't meat, but she made use of the canned mackerel she found in the cupboard. 

Victor was pleased with the aroma oozing out from the kitchen and was eager to have a taste.

While Amanda was cooking, he battled with the urge of joining her in the kitchen, so they could be chatting together, while she continued cooking her food.

"I don't have to show her what I'm feeling, so she doesn't think I'm weak. I need the truth to surface and I pray it's in her favour. I don't want her to think that, my love for her is way much strong and ready to forgive any excesses"

Ifunanya was in the room, seriously waiting for Amanda to finish cooking. She kept anticipating the outcome of her latest plan. 

Finally, the food was done and Amanda dished out a moderate portion for Victor. 

She placed it on the dinning and left to call him. 

The moment she left to call Victor, Ifunanya rushed out of the room and headed straight to the dinning. 

Victor was sitting awake, reading the book and acted not to notice Amanda who was standing close to him. 

"You are awake?" She asked, looking cheerful, but Victor gave her a look without any response. 

"Um, I"she startled, while Victor kept looking at her and she continued "I cooked Jollof rice and it's very delicious. I dished out some for you. You care to eat?"

But Victor did not reply her, he kept on looking at her.

Ifunanya met the spicy rice on the dinning and decided to have a taste. 

" delicious. Amanda has been a terrific cook and once he taste this food... hmm. An adage says, the road to a man's heart is through his stomach. Good thing I'm not planning on allowing Victor taste this food, otherwise, he will be seeing more reasons to love her, since he is already behaving like a zombie anytime she is near him."

While in the room, Victor was still declining the request to eat the food.  There was nothing he wished more at that moment, than to eat the food, but he needed to maintain his cool.

"Ok, since you don't want to eat, you can atleast watch me, eat? Please" She gently requested. 

And Victor stood and started heading out of the room. 

"After you" he said, leading Amanda 

"Thank you"

And they stepped out of the room, together. 

As they reached the dinning, Amanda was shocked to find Ifunanya eating the food.

"What? That food was meant for Victor" Amanda scolded  

"That's the more reason I should eat it. I won't survive it if any harm comes near him. I'm ready to sacrifice my life for him. This should show you the magnitude of love I have for him. You can't harm him again, Amanda"

"Wait a minute! Are you insinuating that I poisoned his food?"

"I never said that, but taking precautions is not entirely a bad idea. Amanda, I'm vigilant, you wont harm him the second time"

"Quit playing this cheap game, Victor's heart knows where it truly belongs. Stop manipulating situations, he is never going to love you. Stop it, Ifunanya"

"I'm only trying to protect my man and there is no harm in it. And thanks for the food, I was starving anyway" Ifunanya said, leaving the dining. The moment she entered the spare room, there was a loud scream.

Victor and Amanda rushed to the room and shocked to find Ifunanya, vomiting blood, rolling on the floor, struggling to live. She was squeezing her stomach in pains, as she continued vomiting blood.

"Ifunanya, what is it Ifunanya? Hospital.. Call a doctor" Amanda looked all scared, as Victor ran for his phone. 

To  be continued....

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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