Steps of love - episode 46 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 46 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

2 hours later, Amanda was still sleeping while Victor sat on the chair, that was mounted opposite his bed,  reading an inspirational book, as his eyes frequently clocked on Amanda.

He took his mind off from the book, admiring her. 

Ifunanya was no longer having any of it, she barged into the room to find out what he was doing inside with Amanda.

She was disorganised, watching Amanda sleeping comfortably on his bed. 

She reminisced how he scolded her the night she laid on his bed.

"You said this bed is only for you and your future wife. You forbade me from coming close to it, you said it's......."

"Shssss" Victor cut her "She is sleeping, don't wake her" He requested in a calm, stern facial expression. 

Ifunanya struggled to control herself from exploding. 

"This is not fair" she managed to say

And Victor gestured her to leave. 

Ifunanya stood, breathing anger.

Victor resumed reading his book. 

There was nothing she could do, so she stamped out of the room.

Ifunanya felt dishonoured and swore to make Amanda pay for it.

Finally, the sleeping beauty was about to wake up. 

And noticing that, Victor pretended to be sleeping, still having the book on his hand. He wanted to see Amanda's reaction. 

After Amanda opened her eyes fully, she noticed Victor sitting opposite her, sleeping. 

She then moved closer to him, gently removing the book from his hand. 

"You should have joined me on the bed. It would have been so sweet, opening my eyes, seeing you lie next to me." She paused, admiring him.

"He is so lovely." She touched her heart, feeling so warm. And then, ran her palm down his temple. 

"I will make sure the truth is revealed. I must expose Ifunanya for who she truly is, this I promise you."

Victor was loving the gentle touch, and wished for her to go on. 

 Amanda continued "Just sleep while I make something for you. I just hope you have some foodstuffs. But if you don't, I will head straight to the market and buy them" she said, standing up

"Yes Darling, I'm fermished. I can't wait to eat the food prepared by your gentle hands." Victor became silently, elated 

As Amanda made 4 steps, she turned, staring at Victor's face and experienced an unexplainable feelings. She started seeing flashes of images, with some weird noises in the background. She got dizzy for 3 seconds and held herself. She blinked severely, to see if the images she saw were real. She looked around the room, but couldn't spot anyone apart from Victor. She wondered what just happened.

Victor who doesn't want to open his eyes yet, wondered why she was still  standing in the room after she made steps to leave.

And Amanda was still standing there, confused, but later tagged it stress and left.

As Visitor's door opened, Ifunanya quickly ran out, thinking it was him. She wanted to confront him.

But when she saw that, it was Amanda, she hissed.

But Amanda ignored her, trying to locate the kitchen. 

And Ifunanya wondered what she was searching for. 

"oh, she is trying to cook for him? She is entering his kitchen? Is Victor aware of this?" she rushed to Victor's room, to inform him that Amanda was trying to make use of the kitchen. 

"Victor...Victor" she tapped him

Victor irked, knowing that she had come to complain about Amanda using the kitchen. 

And Ifunanya continued tapping him to wake up, thinking he was sleeping. 

"What is it? Don't you know that, when someone is trying to sleep, you try not to disturb him" Victor said, opening his eye, looking at angry Ifunanya...

"I am sorry for disturbing your sleep, but this is urgent"

"So, what is it?"

"You said that, no woman is entering your kitchen except your wife?" she asked, expecting him to nod a yes and react furiously. 

But, he was just calm, staring at her.

Victor was giving her the silence, she then thought that, he didn't get her question and continued "Remember you prevented me from making use of your kitchen, giving reasons that, the kitchen is reserved only for your wife?"

While Ifunanya was still waiting for an answer, Victor felt irritated at her constant disturbance. 

"I think you have overstayed your welcome" 


"Ifunanya, I can no longer put up with your presence anymore. I want peace and ever since I allowed you into my house, Peace has been so far away from me. I'm enjoying the peace and happiness Amanda's presence brought, so I won't like any interference"

"But if I leave, how is the truth going to come out?" she asked

"I don't know, but one thing I'm sure is this, truth will always remain the truth. It will surely surface, somehow"

"What about us? What about what we shared today? What about our love?" she started weeping. 

And Victor felt guilty and regretted going intimate with her.

"I am sorry. I was not in control of my senses when we did it. I'm ready to  compensate you. Just tell me how you want to be compensated" Victor sincerely, asked

While still standing there, an idea rocked Ifunanya's head.

"She is trying to cook something for him....What is my wicked head trying to tell me? OMG! Amanda, go on..cook girl.. You have just made my awesome plan so easy." she smiled in her heart and then said to Victor; "No problem, I will leave. Let me go and pack my things" she looked cheerful, leaving the room.

"But you haven't said anything on how you want to be compensated" Victor asked, but Ifunanya left without replying him.

Onyema had finished drawing his plans and scheduled to carry it out the next day. He felt the urge to call Amanda, informing her about it, but decided to keep her in the dark.

"Amanda, you will be so glad with me after you found out what I did. Time for Ifunanya to pay for her sins."

Do you need Onyema to help Amanda in dealing with Ifunanya?

If your answer is yes, give your reason.

If your answer is no, still give your reason. 

To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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