Steps of love - episode 45 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 45 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

"Dear Lord, I am here now, I need you in this fight. I need your help to beat Ifunanya in her schemes. I know she is stepping up her games to make sure that my stay here turns a terrible idea." Amanda prayed as her mind flashed on Victor and how he was staring at her, affectionately when they were discussing. 

"Oh, poor Victor, he loves me a lot but this wicked Ifunanya won't allow him express his feelings in peace. I saw the love sparkling in his eyes, they were so real, gentle and adoring. He was so angry, but that didn't prevent his feelings from displaying all over him. This is love. True love and I must fight with every energy in me to make sure I win him back." She determined. And then, the oath flashed her mind and she became weak all over, leaving her self fall on the bed.

"Am I doing the right thing?" She paused, thinking all over, her entire plans and the reasons behind them, and then, her spirit became vibrant again.

"Yes, it's for a good cause, to make him see Ifunanya for who she truly is. I may not marry him, but I won't allow him marry Ifunanya. Never! I may call it jealousy, but I don't care. They shouldn't be together. He deserves someone better, period!" she got determined 

Victor was at the balcony pacing about, trying to understand what was happening within him. The more he thought about it, the more confused he got. 

"I have every reason to hate her, every reason to despise her, every reason to feel irritated at her presence, but I'm feeling none of that. Instead, my spirit rejoices anytime she is around. I loose concentration anytime she is close. God! Are you trying to tell me something or is it that, I'm among those who love blindly? As it stands now, I'm ready to shower her all my love, putting everything behind me, but the question still remains, is she innocent? Did she try to take my life?" 

"Yes, she is after us and I can swear with my own life" Ifunanya interrupted from behind.

And Victor turned, facing Ifunanya who had been standing by the door, eavesdropping.

And she continued: "Victor, where's your sense of reasoning? You are too smart to be manipulated like this. Don't allow this love blind you. Amanda doesn't want your love. She is only here to destabilise everything we are about building together. She is jealous, can't you see?"

While she was still trying to convince him, Victor couldn't help but notice the terrible mistake he made by making love to her.

"Gush! What was I thinking? I made love to her? I'm not even feeling anything for her and yet, I made love to her? I think I hate myself right now."

Ifunanya was still going on, clattering her lips, while Victor got irritated at the sound of her voice, he ended up yelling at her.

"Can you shut up for a minute?" 

And Ifunanya startled, standing aback. 

And taking a deep breath, he apologized. 

"Sorry, I didn't mean to yell. Just that, I have a lot going on in my head and I need time alone to clear things. Can you leave me alone, please?"

"Sure...Sure...I'm sorry if I disturbed you" She gently apologised, leaving the scene.

Ifunanya never saw it coming. She never believed for a moment that, Victor would shun her like that after making love to her. 

"He yelled at me, requesting that I leave him alone? Wait a minute, is he trying to tell me something? This is not a good development. Ifunanya, be prepared for the battle ahead. If not for anything, atleast for the sake of your baby. I can never be anybody's baby mama. God forbid!"

While Amanda was still thinking of a better way to execute her plans, she fell asleep right there on the bed. She hadn't had a good sleep for days. 

And Victor wouldn't stop admiring her, sleeping.

She looked so peaceful and lovely. 

"God, can't you see? I love this woman. Please help me to differentiate light, from darkness"

Then, Amanda snorted, because of the way she was lying and Victor smiled softly, watching her. She looked so funny in it.

And he then, gently adjusted her, so she could lie properly. 

Despite the change in the sleep position, she did not even wake up nor open her eyes.

"She looks so weak, like she hasn't slept in days" He said, feeling warm for her.

While still sitting close to Amanda, he felt the urge to kiss her lips. 

But he managed to tame the urge and ended up kissing her forehead. 

And Amanda murmured his name.


"Yes honey" he answered, thinking she was awake. When he realised she was still very much asleep, he then quietly stood up from the bed, to avoid waking her.

"Have a sweet rest, Baby" he wished, as he felt a gentle peace rubbing his soul. He held unto his heart, feeling the enormous peace Amanda's presence brought.

Please, who else is falling inlove with Victor? Let's say hi... 

To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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