Steps of love - episode 44 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 44 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Ifunanya never stopped panicking. She stood by the door, trying to eavesdrop.

"I don't know what charm she is using on him. He doesn't think straight anytime she is around him. What is so special about this Amanda?" She then placed her hand on her tummy. "God, I pray this pregnancy comes, that's my express ticket. If you do this for me, I wont bother you with any other request in this life"

Amanda doesn't want Ifunanya to have a wind of of the things she would be discussing with Victor, she then thought it wise to shut the door. 

While she headed to close the door, she made sure to comport herself elegantly by chesting out, making it easy for her hips to jut out, which gave way for a majestic gait.

She was weakening every energy Victor was gathering to take action on her. 

He couldn't help but admire her from behind.

"She is beautiful, I agree, but beauty immaterial. I'm not getting carried away." He tried controlling his feelings

The moment Amanda shut the door, Ifunanya's heart sank in her stomach. She tried to bang on the door, but decided to control herself. 

"Instead of panicking and give myself a heart attack, I better call Beat." she then left.

Silence still controlled Victor's room as he sat quietly, waiting for Amanda to start. 

And she began.

"Your mind is already filled with a lot, from where do I start digging?"

She paused, observing him, as Victor remained motionless, watching her.

And she continued "Before I begin, I would like you to take a look a this message" She extended her phone to him, showing the same message Ifunanya sent to her the night they were together. 

Victor glanced through it, but still remained still, giving her a serious look 

"This was the message that rocked me off and I delved into fears. So denying and insulting the beautiful love we shared was the only idea that brushed my mind. I said those things just to stir your anger and get you off my life. But yet, they never rested. They still went ahead to torment me, making you hate me even the more."

While she was trying to explain her predicament, Victor was taking his time to observe her closely. 

The more he glanced through her face, the more weakened he became.

"Lord, am I under a spell? What's all these? I am not supposed to be calm with her, yet I see myself doing nothing. I know she is lying, but yet I'm enjoying her lies. Her effect on me is tremendously powerful"

While Amanda was still on, Victor cut in. "Lie on me girl. Continue, you are making a good speech. Bravo" he taunted her with an applause "You think I don't know, a message can be manipulated..." he added 

"Manipulated? How? When you can clearly see the sender's details?  I said you should take a clear look at the message and the number it came from" she urged, but Victor refused to heed to the request. 

And his reaction got Amanda weak, she then sat on the bed, looking sad. 

"Your head is already filled with so many lies, breaking in won't be so easy for me. Ifunanya had everything planned out, to paint me as the evil villain, but I urge you to grant me 4 days to get proof. Just 4 days Victor and I will expose Ifunanya's evil proclivities right before your eyes." 

She paused, looking at Victor and then realised he was getting interested to what she was saying. 

She then stood, went to him, standing closely opposite him.

Her sweet feminine perfume brushed his nostrils. The scent was, attractively appealing. He found himself, trying to hug her, undress her and making love to her right that minute, but he struggled to control his urge, while his veins kept tightening and loosening at same time. 

"Vic" she warmly called

The sound of her sweet voice, rocked Victor off. He raised his head, looking right into her eyes and got charmed. 

"This is it, I love this girl. I can't control it. I love her. This love is my weakness and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it" He concluded in his heart. As he tried to open his arms, to embrace her, he stopped himself. 

"No! She shouldn't understand what I'm feeling, otherwise, she will use it to her advantage. She is requesting for 4 days to expose Ifunanya. I will gladly grant her that, because I also wish for everything to be a lie. My love for Amanda is very strong, I just hope she is still that sweet innocent girl that I knew. Let it be all true that Ifunanya is the manipulator here, I will be grateful for the rest of my life" Victor was lost in his mind, having different thoughts at same time

"Vic" Amanda called again, getting his full attention. 

"Yes" he answered 

"Can you feel your heart? I am sure it's telling you how innocent I am. I love you Victor and I will die if any harm comes near you. My God in heaven is my witness." She then took his right arms, enclosing it with her two hands.

At this moment, Victor was no longer himself. He felt her pulse, that was seriously yearning for his love. The urge to kiss, hug her was becoming intense. He kept battling to keep himself under control. 

Amanda continued, while still gently holding his hand: "All I'm asking for is, 4 days. Just 4 days to expose everything under the sun and you will finally realise that, I am the victim here. I am still your sweet Amanda who would do anything for your happiness"

"I better leave before she finds out this turmoil that is steaming in my heart" he said in his heart, removing his hand off Amanda's 

"4 days you said?"

And Amanda nodded 

"Better make good use of it or your name will be sorry. I didn't take action earlier because I was advised not to. I'm now giving you the opportunity to redeem yourself or you see me take some drastic measures" he threatened, quickly leaving the room. 

Ifunanya was still on call with Beat who made her understand that, Amanda's presence at Victor's was a great opportunity to have him all to herself. 

"I see no reason you should panick over it. You should rejoice, because her presence will make your job more easier. Now listen very carefully." Beat commanded, giving Ifunanya ideas on how to mess Amanda and every plans she had to winning Victor back.

Are you scared for Amanda or you are hopeful she is going to handle the situation, smartly? Your comment 

To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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