Steps of love - episode 43 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 43 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Victor thought Amanda came to play. She requested for a room, but he gave a deaf ear, she then chose one for herself. 

Victor stormed the living room to drag her out, but she was not there.

He checked the visitor's room, she wasn't there either. 

He checked the other room, still no trace of her.

"She is not here" looking surprised as his mind struck his room

"She better not be" he said, rushing to his room.

Amanda's bag was left open, resting by the edge of his bed.

She was heard from the bathroom, taking her bath, singing in a melodious tone.

"Of all the rooms in this house, she chose this one? This girl is trying me." he fumed "Ok, let her finish and come out. She is not going to like what I will do to her"

He sat on the chair, waiting for Amanda to come out from the bathroom. 

Amanda knew that, Victor was already in the room waiting for her to come out. She then smiled in her heart.

"Yes Victor, I know what's going on in your mind right now, but I assure you, you will not do anything. If truly you've ever loved me, you are not going to resist what your eyes will see next" 

She then took a deep breath and started stepping out of the bathroom.

Victor who was facing his head down, spotted Amanda's legs. As he raised his head in anger, to yell at her for entering his room, he froze. 

Amanda was standing naked, right in front of him.

Victor was rendered powerless, gazing at her. His emotions were toiling in conflict. 

One side was struggling to awaken the love he once had for her, while the other was battling to shut it forever. 

Amanda was still standing elegantly, waiting for him to say something

"Am I a weakling that a woman's nakedness could render me powerless? Devil you are a liar. I have to show her that I'm not weak" he tried to bold up, but his energy couldn't carry him.

He forced it, but still, his feelings were clashing. 

"What's wrong with me? A man can only loose his breath at the nude sight of a woman he truly love. I'm no longer in love with her, but why am I weak?" He asked himself, dragging the strength to handle Amanda, but his strength failed him.

Just then, Ifunanya joined the room and was speechless at the sight she was graced with.

She stared at Victor who was looking weak. 

"Why is he not saying anything?" She wondered and then started firing at Amanda: "Are you not ashamed of yourself, standing naked in front of a man who is not your husband? Shame on you Amanda!" 

She tried to shame her, to make Victor see her as a shameless and wild lady, but Amanda ignored her. Instead, she went to her bag, picked one of her sexy short gown to adore her body with it. 

She carefully chose the outfit, to make her charming figure more visible, to help get Victor confused on what he truly want, and thereby rendering him incapable of making any hasty decision. 

Ifunanya wasn't happy with the silence behaviour exhibited by Victor. She expected him to react as he promised he would, instead, he allowed Amanda's nude to take control of his thinking abilities. She tried to react aggressively, but had a second thought. 

"Let me not conclude yet. Maybe, he is waiting for her to dress up, so he can drag her out. Yes, that explains his silence, because he can't force a dress on her. We just made love, I'm sure he has forgotten everything he has for Amanda." She remained hopeful, waiting for Amanda to finish dressing up for Victor to finally drag her out.

Amanda was taking her time, majestically dressing herself. 

12 minutes later, Ifunanya was still standing by the door, fuming, impatiently waiting for her to finish, for Victor to finally take action on her.

And finally, she was done dressing up and then resume brushing her hair.

Ifunanya couldn't bear it anymore, she then moved towards Victor. 

"What's this? Why...."

"Sshh." Victor cut in "I know what I'm doing. Just, let her take her time" 

And Ifunanya couldn't speak further. 

If she had the power, Amanda would be long gone. She doesn't like the way Victor was being calm over it.

After Amanda finished taking care of herself, she elegantly walked to where Ifunanya was standing.

"What are you doing here, in my husband's room?" She asked boldly 

And shocked Ifunanya glared on her motionless face for 10 seconds.

And confused Victor continued watching her from behind, to understand what she meant by that.

"Nobody invited you here, please leave. I need to discuss with my husband" Amanda ordered 

"You must be crazy. Do you hear me? Amanda, you are mad. So, you are calling him your husband now after your failed attempt to kill him? Sorry to shock you girlfriend, Victor is mine now. We have gone intimate, it's better you save yourself the stress and carry your shameless self out of this house. He won't fall for your cheap tricks"

And Amanda scoffed, giving her this uncertain look.

"Ifunanya, why does it look like you are scared? You are scared if I'm left alone with him, your secrets will be unveiled?"

"I have no secrets Amanda. I am not like you that have uncountable secrets"

"Then leave, I have a lot to discuss with him"

Victor found himself in a situation that weakened his entire being. He knew that, he was supposed to see Amanda out of his house without much effort, but he found himself doing nothing. 

Whenever he got the mind to do it, his feelings failed him. He then decided to sit and watch events unfold. 

He loved Amanda with every life he had, she was somebody he was never going to hate in a hurry.

While Ifunanya was still proving stubborn, Victor gently requested her to excuse them.

"To tell you the truth, I'm eager to hear what she has to say. Just excuse us, please" 

Ifunanya then realized there was nothing she could do at that moment, but to honour his request. 

She then walked to him and kissed him on the lips. 

But Victor did not return the kiss.

"Just be careful with her, I can't stand it if anything happens to you. Promise me you will be fine" Ifunanya requested 

And Victor nodded. 

Then, she faced Amanda. 

"He is mine now. Stop wasting your time. I can't wait to see you out of here, you evil Murderer" she cursed 

Do you think Amanda is winning already?

To be continued 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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