Steps of love - episode 42 by Ngozi Lovelyn (book series)

Steps of love - episode 42 by Ngozi Lovelyn (book series)

"Amanda should have at least feed me on what she is upto, so that my plans doesn't clash with her's" Onyema said to himself, dialing a number

Shocked Victor was still trying to understand what Amanda was upto.

"What's the meaning of this?" he asked

Ifunanya rushed outside, to see what was happening. 

She was ushered into surprise, seeing Amanda, standing boldly with her bag.

"Look who is here" Amanda said, smiling vividly, walking towards Ifunanya. 

Ifunanya continued looking at her with clear surprise. 

The moment Amanda reached her stand, she then hugged her.

"Oh my smart friend, Ifunanya, I've missed you a lot. Did you miss me?"

But Ifunanya remained speechless 

"Stupid me(taps head) I forgot we are besties. Off course, you missed me. Don't worry, I am here now, you are not going to miss me anymore." Amanda continued giving a contemptuous smile 

She then turned towards Victor, who was still expecting her to answer what she was doing in his house.

"I am not a ghost, stop looking at me that way." She snapped at him

And Victor blinked, seeing a different Amanda. 

"Victor, we used to be friends. So, I'm not acting out of context here. Come and show me my room" Amanda requested again

But Victor continued giving her this mean look.

Ifunanya doesn't want to interfere. She expected Victor to handle the situation. 

After realizing that Victor wasn't going to heed to her request, Amanda said: "Don't even bother, I am going to find my way" 

As she lifted her bag to enter inside, Victor cut in

"Do not step your filthy foots into that house" He ordered in bold harsh tone.

"Why?" she asked, maintaining a firm stance. 

Victor didn't utter a word.

"Ifunanya is here, that means, I am automatically welcomed" 

"This is my house, I determine who stays"

"Don't sound ridiculous, please" Amanda snapped boldly, heading inside.

As she walked to where Ifunanya was standing, she stopped and said: "You are good in playing games. So, girlfriend, I have come to learn your tricks.....hehehehe(smiling)" walking inside with her luggage. 

"What the......" Ifunanya was still astounded, she couldn't understand what gave Amanda the push to take such drastic steps. And then, a little fear engulfed her.

"This is not good. This is not good at all. What is she doing here? Does it mean she is no longer scared of the oath or what? Amanda is that furious miss who would go any length to get what she wants. If she doesn't give a dime about the oath, that means I'm powerless now. I am finished. My only hope now is, Victor, I need to incite him to do something. He needs to throw her out before she settles with her luggage" she then rushed to Victor, shivering, looking all scared

"I am scared. I think I should leave now. I can't stay here with her, before she sends me down early grave"

"Listen, you are not going anywhere. She is the intruder here and I must take care of this nonsense at once" Victor determined to deal with Amanda by throwing her out of his house, but what he saw after he rushed inside caught him shut. He was dumbfounded. 

3 minutes later, Ifunanya was still expecting some actions from inside, but the atmosphere seemed quiet.

She wondered what was keeping Victor from throwing Amanda out of the house. 

5 minutes later, no sound was heard. 

"ah ah! What's going on?" she rushed to check and also got flabbergasted at what she saw. 

Amanda was really prepared before storming Victor's house.

What is Amanda upto?

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Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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