Steps of Love - Episode 41 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of Love - Episode 41 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

The moment Amanda stepped her foot inside the police station, her phone started ringing. 

She thought that it was from Onyema and decided not to answer it.

"I have come here to file a report and nobody is going to stop me"

But her phone never stopped ringing. 

"I better turn this thing off" as she brought out the phone to switch it off, she was surprised to see who it was.

She then stepped outside to answer it.

"Hello......Good afternoon" she greeted

"I warned you against this. You allowed them snatched what rightfully belongs to you"

Amanda got stunned, waiting for her to finish.

"Your guardian Angel visited me. You failed to understand the signals simply because you were scared. Without him, your happiness is incomplete. You both are in this world for each other and nothing more"

"I don't think you understand the implications. I can't be with him, I had a blood convenant with another man and if I accept him into my life, that means, I don't love him. He is going to die if we end up together"

"You are scared of him dying? If they open your eyes to see what will happen to him if you allow him taken away from you, then you will realise that, death is even divine. Like I said before, it's all in your hands. I can't force you to do anything. Take care" The Psychic said, ending the call.

"I don't understand anything. What's all these? Lord please, give me a sign. I need a sign to understand if Victor is the one I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with. What about the oath I took with Onyema? You know I love Victor, I love him enough to save him from any possible harm, even if it means staying far away from him. Even if it means, enduring his hatred forever, I'm ready to accept it, atleast he will be saved. Help me Lord, am I doing the right thing? Give me a sign Lord" She sincerely prayed, eagerly waiting for a sign, but couldn't spot any.

As she turned, to enter the station again, she found her legs not moving along with her. She was having cold feets.

The zealous spirit she had earlier was becoming faint. 

She tried to force herself, but her spirit was weak.

The whole idea of reporting the case turned sour and she decided to head back. 

When she reached her place, she called Onyema on the phone.

"So, what happened? Don't tell me you finally made the report" Onyema asked, hoping for a "No"

"I did not go through with it" Amanda replied.

And Onyema heaved a relief..."Thank goodness you did not go through with it, they would have turned it a game. It would have been a terrible idea you will regret for the rest of your life. Ifunanya is smart, so we need to be smarter. I forgot to tell you that, she was at Victor's.  She lives in his house now"

Amanda wasn't so surprised to hear it, but she got a bit jealous about it.

"Onyema, I don't need you to interfere anymore. I am going to handle this myself"

"I'm not asking for your permission, Amanda. She attacked me. I'm not the type who forgive easily."

"Onyema, I'm asking you to stay away from anything that has to do with Victor and I. I'm handling things from here."

"You are sounding in different tone. Tell me what's your plan?" Onyema asked

"Take care and thanks for trying to help, but it's ok now. Goodbye" She said, ending the call.

And Onyema got shocked at how Amanda reacted.

He tried to call back, but decided to let her be.

"No Amanda. Ifunanya had the impetus to attack me for no reason, I'm going to pay her in her own coins" her got determined. 

Amanda had finished packing her clothes and some of her belongings she can't stay without. 

"Wait for me, I am coming" she firmly said, leaving the house.

1hour later, she was at Victor's door, knocking. 

The moment the door bell chimed, Ifunanya's heart flipped. 

"That should be Amanda, with the policemen. What if Beat is wrong this time?" she became anxious, stepping out of the room and met Victor sitting calm on the chair. 

She wondered why he remained silent after hearing the sound from the door.

And Amanda continued knocking aggressively. 

Ifunanya almost urinated in her pant, thinking that the policemen were becoming impatient and might be breaking the door any moment.

"Should I answer the door?" She asked on panicked voice

"What is she trying to prove by bringing those policemen here? A Wiseman advised me to avoid this, why is she going against this for me? Let them continue knocking, I'm not opening that door"

5 minutes later, Amanda was still pounding on the door, ringing the door bell at same time, but nobody was opening the door for her.

She then decided to make it more annoying by knocking harshly, aggressive. 

Victor couldn't bear it and then decided to open it by force. 

The moment he opened the door, Amanda rushed inside with her bag.

Victor looked stunned, trying to understand what was going on.

"What took you so long?" She asked.

But Victor couldn't give her any answer, he continued looking at her.

"I'm finally here now..........Come and show me my own room" Amanda boldly requested 

Is Amanda doing the right thing by packing her things to Victor's house?

Your response pls.

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Warning: Copyright Protected, 2020. 

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