Steps of Love - Episode 40 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of Love - Episode 40 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Ifunanya's heart was troubled after hearing Amanda mentioning Police. 

She tried to run out, to induce her to stop, but her actions could arise some suspicions in Victor's mind, she then decided to swipe. She called Beat, instead.

While she was still trying to connect Beat's line, Victor walked up to her.

"Amanda was here" he said

"Amanda? Why did she come?" Ifunanya acting all surprised 

"Is clearly that girl doesn't have any shame. She thought her crocodile tears will discard everything she did. I'm never going to fall for her tricks again. I can't believe she was never in love with me. That first rejection and public denial should have opened my eyes, but instead, I chose to forgive her. And I almost lost my life for it" Victor felt broken

"Baby, why are biting yourself? It's never a crime to love someone. It's her loss, not yours. She lost a rare gem. And why are you still feeling bad, when you already have me in your life?" She asked romantically, moving close, into his arms, placing his arms around her waist and then continued:

"Or don't you like this new us? Don't you like what we just did?"

"I did...I am not regretting at all, just that forgetting Amanda won't be so easy. You have to understand"

"Offcourse I do, and I'm going to do my best to help you achieve that. You deserve true love and happiness. I love you Victor"

And Victor remained mute, looking at her

"I love you so so much" she repeated

"Thank you so much for loving me" he managed to say, releasing Ifunanya from his arms, walking into his room.

"Well, I still have a lot of work to do to removing every thought of her from his mind. Once this pregnancy is pronounced, all his focuse will be on my baby and I and Amanda will be a history. What a perfect day for me" As she tried to rejoice, her mind flashed on Amanda, going to the police station and she started dialing Beat's line again.

"Hello" Beat answered 

"There is problem. Amanda is on her way to the police station."

"To do what?" Beat asked

"To make a report. That is, to report what happened at that guy's house. You know what that means for us? I'm worried now"

"She is finally going to destroy the last reputation she has left."

"I don't understand" 

"I know how to manipulate such situations and make the complainant look guilty. Let her go, it's a good thing for you. She will be creating more hatred for herself in Victor's heart if she involves them. I know a lot of officers"

"Oh wow! Beat you are too much" 

And they ended the call.

Ifunanya then felt relieved, sitting on the couch. As she sat down, she felt pains around her VG area.

"Owch.....he was too rough on me and his thing is huge, I never enjoyed any of it. But I'm happy we did it, I can't wait to announce my pregnancy to him" she started rubbing her tummy. 

Amanda was already close to the police station when Onyema called her on phone.

"Where are you at the moment?"

"At the police station" Amanda replied 

"Police station, doing what? Amanda listen, better turn back."

"And what if I don't?"

"You don't know who those attackers are and how powerful they can be. What if they have connections with some high ranking officials and have the case manipulated, making you the guilty one? No Amanda, don't do this. I don't have a good feeling about it. Listen to me and go home. As for Ifunanya and her cohort, I'm heating up a plan, she can't go free for what she did to me. Trust me."

"I'm done listening to people and I think I'm doing the right thing here." she said and disconnected the call

And Onyema irked.

"Why is she not listening to me? This is definitely not going to end up well for her"

Beat was sitting calmly on her chair, discussing with the commissioner of police, informing him ahead of time, of a complaint that will be coming against her and her client.

"Remember how we do it, I'm counting on you"

The commissioner said "OK", ending the call.


Should Amanda follow her mind or listen to Onyema and turn back?

Keep commenting, we are watching and will be rewarded in due time. 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Warning: Copyright Protected, 2020.

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