Steps of Love - Episode 39 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of Love - Episode 39 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Amanda was still at Victor's door, knocking, but no one answered her.

"Why is he not opening? But I can see his car, that means he is around" she then resumed knocking.

Victor and Ifunanya were deep, connected to each other and doesn't want to get distracted, but as the knock persisted, he tried to see who it was, but Ifunanya prevented him. She doesn't know if she would still get the same opportunity again, she doesn't want it to slide. So, she had to use her feminine power to pin Victor to make love to her.
And she succeeded.
"You want to leave me in this mood?" She asked, seductively, kissing him all over, then grabbing his joystick, rubbing it...

"You really want me?" Victor asked warmly, moaning slowly, as Ifunanya kept sucking him.

Victor was no longer in control of his feelings as he quickly lift her up, bent her over and thrusting his stick in her pot.
He was rough, but Ifunanya never bothered.
He was still nurturing the pains of what Amanda did to him, so, Ifunanya's pot was receiving the anger. He was pouring out all his emotions- disappointment, anger, hatred on her.
After he released, he slumped on the chair, sweating all over, breathing fast.
Ifunanya left herself on the floor, feeling pains in her VG.

"Is that the way you pound a woman? It's so painful" Ifunanya complained, gently

"I am never like that, I am sorry." he apologised

"I understand" she said, smiling

Amanda who already concluded that Victor was not at home decided to knock one more time, before she could finally leave.
Still no one answered the door. And she decided to leave.

As she already reached the down stairs, she heard the sound of the door  opening.
And she rushed back.
"Victor!" She called, rushing back, before he closes the door, thinking that the person had left.

"That's Amanda's voice!" Victor looked surprised

Ifunanya also wondered if the voice she heard was Amanda's.
"Is that Amanda's voice?" She moved close to the door, to know if her voice was what she heard.

As soon as Amanda reached Victor's floor, she rushed and hug him.
"Victor....Oh thank God. You are safe. I was so scared, thinking that something terrible happened to you" She kept racing her eyes round his body, to see if she could see wounds.

"Wait a minute, that's Amanda, but what is she doing here? Should I be worried? Is he going to forgive and accept her back since he is always fond of forgiving her?" A tiny fear started to creep in.
"No! He can't. No man in his wildest mind would forgive what happened today. The plan was so articulate and convincing, so he won't be forgiving her any time soon. And besides, he has planted an everlasting seed that will link us for the rest of our lives." she felt joyous, listening to Victor and Amanda's conversation.

Amanda was still hugging Victor, but Victor did not reciprocate the gesture.

"Onyema told me everything, that was why I rushed here. How are you feeling now? Hope they did not injure you much?" Amanda felt so concerned

"Acting doesn't suit you" Victor said, giving her a detested look

"Acting?" Amanda got confused

"Thank your stars that a good man advised me not to involve the police, otherwise you wouldn't be here, playing this sick drama."

Amanda then, understood what was happening.
"She told you I was the one who attacked you?"

"Goodbye Amanda and I don't want to ever see your face again"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Ifunanya rejoiced, as she continued standing by the door, eavesdropping.

As Victor tried to head inside, Amanda stopped him

She held him firmly by the hand, stopping him.

And Victor turned looking at her.

"We are not done talking" She said boldly

"Amanda, this is what you've always wanted. Now, you are free to spend your life with Onyema. Leave and don't ever think of coming back'

"Yes, I will leave, but I'm sorry, I will still come back, but with the police"

And Victor gave her a questioning look.

"Police? For what?" Ifunanya wondered, still trying to get their conversation, without missing a word.

"Victor, you and Onyema were attacked today, I think police should be involved"

And Victor scoffed.

"Amanda, stop this nonsense. It doesn't suit you and nothing is ever going to make me forgive what you did today. Goodbye."

But Amanda stood, feeling bad at what he was accusing her off. Tears tried to drop, but she controlled it, but it dropped anyway.

And Victor thought it was all acting and got irritated the more.

"Get out of here! You are beginning to irritate me"

"Wait for me and don't go any where." And she left, feeling determined to set things right and exposed whoever was tainting her name.

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn

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