Steps of Love - Episode 37 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of Love - Episode 37 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

"I must be honest Onyema, I don't like what you did today. Don't try it next time. How can you lock me inside, what if there is an emergency?" Amanda raked but Onyema was sitting quietly, facing his head down.

Amanda continued reproaching him, thinking he was only trying to avoid her anger.

But Onyema continued sitting down, without saying anything, as he continued rubbing his head, feeling the pains he sustained from the attack. 

Amanda then, realised that he was in a bad mood.

"Onyema, are you ok?" she asked in a low tone

And Onyema raised his head, facing Amanda who was expecting a clear answer

"I don't know what happened. We were attacked, right in the stairs"

"You said, we?" Amanda gave him a serious questioning look.

"Victor" Onyema said

"Victor?" Amanda rushed to the stairs, to see if she could see Victor, but nobody was there.

"Where is he? Is he Ok?" She feared.

But Onyema wasn't answering. 

"I'm asking you, where is he? Is he badly injured? What did they do to him? Answer me, Onyema" 

Amanda was no longer herself, she feared something terrible had happened to Victor 

"If they could harm you like, who knows how much they did to him? I don't know if he is still alive" Amanda worried, getting her phone to call Victor 

Onyema continued looking at her, on how worried she was for Victor. It then pinched his heart that, he couldn't succeed in his plan of uniting them. 

Amanda tried reaching Victor's mobile line, but not reachable. 

She tried again and it rang, but he ignored the call.

"He is not answering. He is not answering my calls, Onyema!" She  became anxious as tears started dropping "Victor is not the type who would ignore my calls, no matter what. And you, what's the need of bringing him here, when I clearly told you everything about him and I?" She reproached, trying to call Victor again 

"Stop calling him, I don't think he will answer you" 

"What do you mean by that?" Amanda asked

"I am having a hunch it was all planned. Planned by Ifunanya, to make it look like I'm jealous, that I'm against your relationship with him"

"Onyema, I don't need all these details. My only concern now is, Victor. I just want to know if he is alright. From where did you get him? How did you locate him?" She asked

"I went to his place" Onyema replied 

"You went to his place? Do you know him before? How come you know his place?" Amanda queried 

Onyema was lost of what to answer her. He invaded her privacy, searching for Victor's address, so Amanda won't come to terms with it if he told her how he went about it.

He then lied, that he asked around.

"You asked around, how?"

Onyema was silent 

"Anyway, I don't have time for this. Just take me to his place. I want to make sure he is fine"

But Onyema was been reluctant. 

"Can't you hear me?"

"If what my mind is telling me happens to be the truth, then it won't be a good idea following you to his house. He won't hesitate to call the authorities on me."

"Just look at you. You are not even worried if he is still alive or not or if he was kidnapped or something. This happened right close to your flat, you should be worried or even alert the police"

But Onyema continued rubbing his wounds, without saying anything. 

And his attitude irked Amanda 

"You have messed things for me and now you are being a baby for it?"

"I am sorry, Amanda. I was only trying to unite you both, I never knew it will backfire. I really messed things up. I will give you his address. His place is not hard to locate. I will write it down for you" And Onyema headed inside to get a pen and paper.

Ifunanya who had been fed with everything that happened at Onyema's house was ecstatically waiting for Victor to return to her.

Few minutes later, she heard a sound from the door.

And her heart jubilated, knowing that Victor was coming right into her arms. Nothing was standing in her way of having full possession of him.

The moment he entered the living room, he faced Ifunanya who was standing opposite him.

"So, what did she say?" she kindly asked

But Victor did not say anything. 

"If she finally said yes, then Congratulations. What matters is your happiness. If you are happy, I am happy"

But Victor continued looking at her.

"Victor, are you Ok? You look downcast" Ifunanya appeared concerned 

"How much do you love me?" he asked

"You know I love you so...."

And Victor interrupted her with a kiss.

Ifunanya wasn't expecting it, but she kissed him back, hungrily. 

Amanda had left Onyema's flat, and was in a tricycle heading to Victor's house. She urged the tricyclist to drive fast.

To be continued

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Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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