Steps of love - episode 36 by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

Steps of love - episode 36 by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

Victor and Onyema were still on their way up when they were attacked by Beat and two other guys.

They stormed and hit them. Onyema was hit very hard on the head, making him to fall unconscious. 

"What did you do? You killed him, you just killed Onyema" Beat screamed, making sure that Victor was hearing her. She continued:

"You shouldn't have hit him hard like that. Sir, please wake up, it's all part of the plan. You see why I told you that, hitting you on the head is a bad idea"

Victor pretended to be unconscious, to see if he could understand everything that was happening. 

Beat then moved towards Victor, touching him.

"Hope you hit him hard?" she asked

"Yes" the second guy said

"Run upstairs and tell Amanda that the job is done, that she can come out now. Victor is dead, Ifunanya can never have him again" Beat instructed

And the third guy ran upstairs, acting to be heading to Onyema's flat.

And Victor's heart shattered on hearing that.

"Amanda why?" he wept silently 

So Beat moved away from Victor, pretending to resuscitate Onyema. 

"Somebody should get water? Get water please." 

"She continued: "Sir please, wake up. The useless lover boy, Victor is dead now. The job is done. You are getting me scared, just wake up now please, so we can remove his body from here before someone sees us. We can't do this without you" She continued playing the game for Victor to think that Amanda and Onyema were all part of the plan.

So she signaled the guy to perform the last act in their list.

He then moved towards Victor and touched him.

"Are you sure this guy is really dead?"

And Victor's heart sank. He started thinking of a way to escape from them.

They knew that, Victor would be looking for a way to run, it was all part of the plan, so that, they too can leave before Onyema regains consciousness. 

"I don't think this guy is fully dead. Where is that axe?" 

The moment he stood, pretending to get an axe, Victor took to his heels, without looking back. 

Beat and the guy pretended to be pursuing him.

He immediately entered his car and sped off, panting. 

As he reached the junction, he pulled over and then poured out his emotions. He cried like a baby, thinking over everything. He found it hard to believe that, Amanda would go to such lenght

"I can't believe I wasted my precious years, searching for a woman that would one day, try to remove me from the face of the earth." he wept bitterly. 

While he was still in the car, weeping, his eyes caught the same guy who warned him to run for his life.

He then alighted and rushed to him.

And the guy turned, looking at him.

"Yes, who are you?" the guy asked 

"You don't remember me?" 

"No" the guy replied

"I was the same guy you warned earlier, you told me to run, that my life is in danger"

"I said that? I can't remember. Maybe, it was your guardian Angel that ministered to me to......." he then paused, making his face as someone who was under the control of an external force. 

He held Victor's hand, raising his eyes up. Victor stood, wondering what was happening to him.

"Are you Ok?" Victor asked, trying to free his hand from his grip, but the guy was holding him tight.

"She is your wife. She is your wife" the guy blurted

"Who is my wife?" He quickly asked

"She is in your house already. Congratulations, you have found your wife. Your heart shouldn't shiver. She is the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh. What happened today. Forget it. Don't involve the police. Be grateful your true enemies have been revealed to you. God loves you. There is nothing they can do to harm you again, their plans have failed forever"

And the guy forcefully left go of Victor's hand, pretending to be oblivious of what happened. 

"What happened?" he asked looking around, acting surprised 

"Nothing happened. You are Ok" He said, dipping his hand in his pocket and brought out 1000 naira note

"Thank you" he appreciated, placing the money in the guy's right hand

"What's the money for?" The guy asked, still acting surprised 

But Victor ignored him and took off. 

Immediately he left, the guy burst into laughter and called Beat, that he had completed his own part of the job.

After Onyema regained consciousness, he wondered what happened. He couldn't capture the face of his attackers. Everything happened so fast.

He quickly rushed upstairs, opened the door and saw Amanda sitting angrily, waiting for him.

"You are finally back" she asked, checking to see if Victor was with him.

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