Steps of love - episode 35 by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

Steps of love - episode 35 by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

Amanda was still in Onyema's house, searching for the keys, irking bitterly that he locked her inside without her permission. 

Just then, her phone rings

"Hello, Onyema, what's the meaning of this nonsense?" she raked

"I am sorry, I left to buy something from the market. You were deep in sleep, that was why I did not disturb you. I'm very close to the house, you will see me now" he said, ending the call and then sighed a relief, that Amanda hasn't left

Ifunanya, who was tensed all over was on call with Beat as she confirmed they were already stationed at Onyema's apartment. 

"Please, we can't afford any mistake now. If I loose this opportunity, then no hope for me again. I will loose him forever"

"You worry too much, allow me do my job. Don't call me, wait for my call" And Beat disconnected the call.

After Victor parked infront of Onyema's house, as he alighted from the car, an unknown person stumbled on him.

"Watch where you are going, are you blind?" he scolded 

"Your life is in danger. Run for it" the unknown person whispered and took off

Victor turned looking at him, but he did not look back.

He tried to understand what he meant by that, but decided to wave it. 

"Maybe, he is mentally deranged" he thought 

Onyema was busy rushing inside. he wasn't aware of what was happening. 

As Victor walked close to the gate, he looked towards the guy's direction, to see if he was truly, a mentally deranged person as he thought, but the guy appeared normal to him. He was walking normal. 

The unknown guy turned, as their eyes clocked. He signalled him to run for his life.

Onyema who was rushing upstairs realised that Victor wasn't following him, he then headed back, to direct him.

"Sorry, I forgot for a minute, you haven't been to my flat"

Victor who was feeling energetic about seeing Amanda started having doubts. He then reminisced what Ifunanya said, about Amanda. That if she can't have him, then no woman will. That she is heating up a plan with Onyema.

"Is Amanda working with Onyema to harm me?" he asked his heart

Onyema then wondered the sudden stagnant behaviour of Victor.

"Why standing there? Your woman is upstairs. Let's go and see her"

But Victor was still reluctant

"Is anything the matter?" Onyema asked "Don't tell me you are having double minds. That shouldn't be or you don't love her as you professed. Let's go please" Onyema continued urging him.

Victor then, closely, observed Onyema's face, to see if he can trace an evil plan on it , but his facial expressions were showing all sincerity. 

"Onyema, please, tell me the truth"

"What truth?" Onyema asked, giving a serious questioning look

"What's your true intentions for doing all these? Why are you insisting I see Amanda? Why didn't you force her to come and see me? Or even draw a plan to lure her to my house?" Victor became curious 

And Onyema got confused on where the questions were emanating from.

"Can you explain better, please?" He requested 

Victor remained mute, looking at him.

"It's crystal clear you are having doubts. But that's ok. If you don't want to come upstairs with me, you can wait here while I drag her downstairs. I will get her to see you, if that's what you want" Onyema gently said.

Onyema's words were gentle enough and Victor realized that, he had no reason to fear. He didn't decipher any suspicious gestures on his body.

As Onyema tried to head upstairs, Victor stopped him.

"I only wanted to clarify something. I think I'm good now. Let's go" Victor said 

"Are you sure? I can get her if that will make you fine" 

"I said I'm fine, lead the way" Victor requested 

And Onyema said Ok. 

They started climbing the stairs. 

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Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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