Steps of love - episode 34 by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

Steps of love - episode 34 by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

After Onyema and Victor left, Ifunanya realised that, she was powerless. There was nothing she could do. 

"He keeps slipping away. Each time I have him, he will somehow slip away. This is beginning to look like a fight I can never win." she remained dejected, thinking of what to do.

"Let me call Beat, to see if she can suggest a better idea for me" she then picked her phone.

After she narrated the latest development to Beat, she suggested killing Amanda.

"No, that won't be a good idea. I don't want someone's blood on my hands" Ifunanya simply turned down the idea

"Ok. I may know of another way to get rid of her for good"

"Get rid of her? Are you still insisting? I said I don't want her dead"

"I wasn't talking about killing her. Now, listen" 

And Beat relayed the plan to her.

"Hmm, I think this sounds better, but the problem now is, they are already on their way to his house"

"I will try and reach there before them. What's the guy's flat number?" Beat asked

"Knowing his flat is not even the issue. It's about the door. You can't gain entrance, because he locked her inside" 

"I can handle the situation"

"How do you intend to do it?"

"Your money first"

"Beat please, I don't have much again. Can't you just help me? Once I'm fully with Victor, then I will have enough money to pay you. Just do this for me"

"It doesn't work that way, my friend. You don't have enough time, send the money"

Ifunanya, who realised that, all options have eluded her, decided to send the money 

"I've spent all my savings fighting for Victor's love. The only thing left in my account now is 15,000. If this plan fails, I will be done for good. I just hope Beat succeeds"

She then picked up her phone and started typing a text 

"I have tried saving your heart from constant disappointment, instead, you chose seeing yourself in pains. Amanda is never for you, she doesn't want you, why forcing yourself into a heart that has shut it's door to you? I'm positive you are going to return to your house disappointed, again. But whatever happens, I will always be here, waiting. We are made for each other. Give our love chance to grow. I am your true love. Allow me into your heart, Victor, I beg you. Just give me a chance, I promise, you won't regret it" she then, sent the message to Victor 

Victor and Onyema were still on their way with silence taking over the wheel. So, Onyema decided to break it, by engaging him in a conversation. 

"Sorry for asking, but what made you love Amanda? Why is she special to you?"

"To tell you the truth, I don't know" Victor replied, focusing on the road

"You don't know? That can't be possible. There must be a reason"

"I'm serious. I just found myself loving her. My spirit cherishes everything about her. Each time her name is mentioned, I feel my heart ecstatically elated. Sometimes, it feels like we've known each other for a very long time. If I believed in reincarnation, I would have agreed that, our love started from  a former life"

"What if it's true? What if you guys reincarnated to complete your love story?" Onyema asked 

"No, there is nothing like reincarnation. It doesn't exist"

"Well.... I believe it exist. My Dad used to tell me that, I'm the reincarnation of his late father, that I possessed his qualities, both in behaviour and physical appearance" Onyema said

"I don't believe in fairytales." Victor replied, still looking focused, with less facial expressions 

20 minutes later, they were still on the road and Onyema was getting tensed, hoping that Amanda doesn't find the keys. 

"Can you please drive a bit faster? I'm having this odd feeling that she will find the key. And if she manages to leave my house, she will make sure to remain hidden from all of us. She will even leave town. I know her"

And Victor sighed. 

"Leave town? Are you sure this girl loves me as you claimed? See, my heart will be broken into pieces if I get turned down again and I can't bear it anymore. I won't even forgive her ever again" Victor swore, looking serious. He then flashed a look on Onyema and added "Then I will believe everything Ifunanya said"

Onyema gazed at Victor's and then realized that, he meant every word he said.

"Amanda this is your last chance to have Victor, I just pray you don't do anything stupid. Just remain in that house until I return" 

He picked up his phone and started calling Amanda, to tell her that, he was already on his way, that she was fast

asleep the time he left, that was why he did not wake her up to lock the door, but Amanda wasn't answering the call. He called again, she still ignored him.

And Onyema became tensed. 

"Can you please drive faster?" Onyema requested 

"I won't go beyond my limit." Victor remained firm, controlling the steering  

And Onyema remained still, hoping for the best.

"You said, you locked her inside, right?" Victor asked

"Yes" Onyema replied 

"Then, she is not leaving, except she doesn't want to have anything to do with me ever again."

And Onyema started praying hard in his heart for Amanda to remain in the house.

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Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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