Steps of love - episode 33 by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

Steps of love - episode 33  by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

Amanda who was locked inside the flat was walking up and down searching for the spare keys.

She knew that Onyema was upto a plan, so she continued searching hard for the keys.

After 5 minutes of fruitless search, she looked out through the window, to know if Onyema has returned. But no sign of him. She called his mobile line, he ignored her.

"Why is he not getting my point? Why? I'm sure he has gone to Victor's place to convince him to come back. I made a mistake, I shouldn't have told him anything about him" She then, remembered not including anything about Victor's home address. 

"But I don't know his address? Maybe, he left for another place, but why did he lock me inside?

Just then, her phone started ringing, she rushed it, thinking it was Onyema.

"Oh..Okwy....." she said, answering the call

"Good morning" she greeted

"Good morning....So tell me, how did it go?" 

"How what....I don't understand?"

"Why are you like this, Amanda? You don't like telling me anything, it's not fair. You only remember me whenever you need something from me"

But Amanda was lost. She had no clue of what he was saying. So, she maintained mute, trying to understand his angle.

"You chatted me up this morning on messenger, requesting that I send you Victor's home address. You also promised you are going to call me, to gist me how he felt the moment he set his eyes on you...That guy is so mad about you, you know"

"So, he is at Victor's place. Onyema!!" she screamed angrily in her heart

"Hello, are you still there?" Okwy asked

"I'm still in my house, I haven't left yet. I will call you when I get to his place" she quickly said, ending the call.

"So, he went through my phone?" She sighed and started searching for a way to leave the flat.

"Onyema, you are making a big mistake by doing this behind my back. I never asked for your help. My mind is locked and nothing is ever going to open it. I cannot have Victor, I'm scared for him. I won't forgive myself if anything bad happens to him. So, it will do me good if I forget everything about him"

She continued ransacking the whole rooms, searching for the spare keys.

"This key is somewhere in this house and I must find it" she determines 

Still in Victor's house, Onyema was trying his possible best to make Victor follow him to his house so he can see Amanda. 

"I have heard everything you said, but you haven't asked me what my heart is saying" Victor said in a gently firm mood

Onyema's phone started ringing again.

"She won't stop calling. I locked her inside and she may not even forgive me for it. Let's go, please. I'm sure she is ransacking the whole house, searching for my spare keys"

Ifunanya was hearing everything. She was no longer herself. She thought of something she could do to make Victor  reject Onyema's request, but no idea was forth coming. So, she continued hoping for the situation to turn to her favour. 

"Please, trust me, your love is waiting for you in my house."

But Victor stood, looking at him, thinking of what best to do. 

He was questioning his heart on whether to follow Onyema to his house or just let Amanda be. 

"What if she rejects me again?" He asked himself "I might end up hating her forever. I can't stand her rejection anymore. I'm done doing this. I'm done with her"

As he tried to open his mouth, to tell Onyema his stand, Onyema interrupted. 

"She is scared, be her faith. She is weak, be her strength. She is scared of the future, show her your future is bright if she is present in it. Prove to her, you can pull mountains just to be with her. She needs to hear all these. Amanda's heart is soft, tender, fragile and kind, she needs her caretaker. Come and take care of her heart and get rid every doubt circulating it..I am begging you"

Onyema's last words melted Victors heart, pulling off everything that was blocking his way of meeting Amanda. 

And the old feeling returned.

He went to where Onyema was standing and extended his hand for a shake.

And they shook hands 

"Thank you" Victor appreciated in sheer smiles 

"Congratulations. Amanda is the perfect choice. You wouldn't have found a better choice"

"Let me get my car keys" Victor said, rushing inside 

"Please be fast. I hope she doesn't find the spare keys" Onyema added, in a high tone

And Victor rushed inside, to get the keys but was blocked by angry looking Ifunanya.

"You promised me..."

"Yes, but we've not yet committed to each other. You know how much I feel about Amanda. Allow me, plaese" 

And Ifunanya stepped out of the way.

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Steps of Love by Ngozi Lovelyn (Book series)

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