Steps of love - episode 32 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 32 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

The next day, there was a knock on Victor's door.
Victor was sitting in the living room as Ifunanya sat beside him, trying to engage him in a conversation.
She was trying her best to cheer him up, to help him get his mind off Amanda.

"I will get it" Ifunanya said, standing up, heading to the door

As she opened the door, she got shocked loooking at Onyema who was standing right in front of her.

"And my guess was right" Onyema snapped

"What are you doing here?" Ifunanya asked in a bit harsh tone

"Who is that?" Victor asked from behind

As Onyema heard Victor's voice, he pushed the door open for Victor to see him.

"This guy has come to feed you some more lies. Don't listen to any word that will come out of his mouth" Ifunanya said

"Are you panicking already?" Onyema asked Ifunanya who was uncomfortable having him in their midst

"And why should I pani.."

"You?" Victor interrupted

"Yes, me and I've come to save your future"

"No, my future doesn't need saving. I've located my path and I'm right on it" Victor reacted

"No, you are on the way to your ruin. Having her here is even enough mistake, believe me" Onyema shove in

"Why are you here? To tease me further, that she chose you over me? Mr man,  you won, so can you leave now?"

"I did not win anything. Amanda is sacrificing everything for your sake. She is scared that, if you guys end up together, that you are going to suffer a terrible misfortune. But"...

"What is your problem?" Ifunanya Cut in "Can't you see this guy is hurting? Haven't she caused enough damage to him? He said you should leave!" Ifunanya ordered

"Stop interrupting me" Onyema commanded in a sheer gentle mood

"And what will happen, if I interrupt you? What will happen, tell me?" She flared, trying to make a scene, so as to destabilise the entire reason Onyema came for.

She started fighting Onyema, irritating him to push her or react rudely so that, Victor will get angry and push him out of the house.

But Victor stood by the side, watching.

"Wow! He is not even saying anything, I better respect myself before he thinks I'm irresponsible." She said in her mind and then stepped aside

And Onyema continued: "there is nothing linking Amanda and I. We are only, just friends. Yes, we had a blood convenant, but we broke it. Nothing is stopping her from marrying another man. Fear is the only thing that is holding her back."

"Are you telling me, you are not in love with her?" Victor became interested

"Don't tell me you are buying thess cheap lies?" Ifunanya interrupted

But Victor ignored her.
His attention was on Onyema. He was hoping for everything he said to be, the truth.

"You are a fellow guy like me, and you know how jealous and protective we are over our women. I wouldn't be here if Amanda and I are friends. She was my ex, yes but we broke up and also the oath. I left her for a woman who got me infected with HIV. She is not leaving you because, she is not in love with you, she is leaving you because she is scared. She  thinks the oath which is no longer effective will kill you"

"Are you serious? Are you listening to this guy now?" Ifunanya continued fighting for ways to disrupt the moment
She turned to Onyema and asked, "How much did she pay you to do this?"

"Your game is over, you manipulative witch" Onyema fired

"You are calling me a witch?" She turned to Victor "Did you see that? He is calling me a witch, he is insulting me"

"Can you keep quiet?" Victor shunned her

Ifunanya wasn't expecting such reaction from Victor. She became quiet, getting anxious on how her fate would turn out if Onyema succeeds.

"I learnt she is HIV positive, just like you?" Victor asked

"I am positive, but she is not"

"Liar!" Ifunanya cut in

"I told you, he doesn't have anything reasonable to say. Amanda is also on the antiretroviral drugs. Are you going to deny that one also?"

"I'm not denying it, but..." Onyema said

"See how you are contradicting yourself. She is not positive, but she is on the drugs. Victor, can you please ask this man to go away? Amanda has caused you enough damage, it's time to move on. Don't freeze your life on something that is never going to be."

"Amanda is on the drugs yes, but she is not positive. Believe me" Onyema shove in

Victor continued looking at him. He wants to hear more about Amanda, that she loves him.

While Onyema was still trying to explain situations to him, he felt his heart jubilating. His entire being was happy, hearing everything Onyema was saying. He yearned for Onyema to continue telling him more.

"Are you done now? Onyema asked Ifunanya who was nagging on top of his head

"So, better carry yourself out of this place"

Onyema scoffed and then focused on Victor

"She did not sleep throughout yesterday. She never stopped crying. She did not even eat anything yesterday. I prevented her from leaving, because there was no one at her place to take care of her. Even her own friend, Ifunanya whom she adored so much, left her."

"But she was the one who threw her out of the house?" Victor asked

"Is that what she told you?" Shocked Onyema asked

"But the house is owned by both of you. You both contribute the rent, so she doesn't have the right to ask you to leave"

And Victor turned to Ifunanya, expecting her to explain herself.

"You don't have to look at me like that. This guy wasn't there when all these things happened. He wasn't there that night when Amanda pushed me out of the apartment, which we both shared together. I don't know why you are believing him over me. Amanda doesn't want us to be together, that's why she has sent this guy to destroy our relationship even before it began" She started crying.
"Atleast, I am not a liar. You have confirmed everything I said to be true. You should ask yourself this, why is Amanda scared if truly they have broken the oath? If she claim she loves you, what's stopping her from loving you back if truly the oath is no longer binding on them? Amanda has taken me as her sworn enemy, that's why she doesn't want me to be happy. She can't have you and I don't think she will live to see us together" Ifunanya continued crying, sounding convincing, creating doubts in Victor's mind.

"People who have blood convenant should be clearly avoided. You will be dipping your life in danger. Amanda will still be in your life if truly the oath is no longer effective, I know her, she is not the type who would back out on things she truly desire, no matter how rough the circumstances maybe. If she can not have you, she will fight every corner of the world to make sure that, I don't have you as well and that is why she sent her lover to do her bidding. Don't fall into her lies Victor. This is a matter of your heart and your future" she continued weeping, heading inside.

So, what happened next?

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn

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