Steps of love- episode 31 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love- episode 31 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

After Amanda entered Onyema's flat, she sat on the chair, sobbing. 

Onyema, who was lost of what to say to calm her down, decided to sit beside her, feeling empathetic.

Victor was still sitting beside Ifunanya, feeling so weak and broken

"Why does love hurt so much?" he asked

"Love doesn't hurt. It hurts only when you are forcing your heart on the wrong person. It's the best feeling one can't afford to miss in life. Love is what keeps us going. Believe me, love doesn't hurt" Ifunanya explained.

But Victor didn't say a word again and headed to his room.

Ifunanya tried to follow him but decided to let him be. She believed he will still come around and ask for her hand in a relationship. 

Few hours later, Amanda was finally getting herself. 

"Are you free to talk now?" Onyema asked

And Amanda gave him a look.

"You know I'm not going to stop. Amanda, you are my first love. I remembered how much you sacrificed for me, yet, I left you for a lady who got me infected. I was mesmerised by her beauty. I regretted breaking our love, but I'm done regretting, and I'm not going to allow you make a terrible decision because of our past. I still love her and we are planning on getting married soon. Do you know why I'm telling you this?"

And Amanda said no

"It's for you to understand that, I did not die, she too did not die. The oath did not kill us and it's not going to kill us in the future. So, there is nothing to be scared off"

"But what about the HIV? Your lifespan has been tempered with." Amanda said

"Lies.....People with HIV still live throughout their life. It's not like before when they die from the virus. Amanda, I want you to tell me everything about this guy. I want all the details. How you guys started"

But Amanda looked down, she really doesn't want to talk about Victor, but Onyema persisted. 

"I'm waiting" he added

Amanda took a deep breath and started narrating how her relationship with Victor started. She also didn't miss out their school days.

Victor had gotten hold of himself and vowed never to allow anything relating to Amanda depress him again. He started shifting his thoughts towards Ifunanya. 

He then reminisced how Ifunanya lied to him that Amanda was already married.

"So, this is exactly what she was trying to save me from? That means, she has my good interest at heart. Why don't I give her a chance? She might turn out to be better than Amanda. I don't have to continue sucking over the wounds Amanda inflicted on my poor heart. The only way to heal fast is by falling inlove with another person and Ifunanya is the right choice"

He then stepped out and saw Ifunanya sitting on the couch, with her bags by her side.

"How are you feeling now?" She quickly asked, standing up from the couch. 

"What are you doing with your bags?" he asked

"Ok...I was waiting for you to come out so I can tell you that I'm leaving"

"Have you gotten another place?"

And Ifunanya hummed....

"If you are going back to your former apartment, be well aware I'm not coming there to visit you. I don't want to set my eyes on her"

"You mean, visit me?"

But Victor avoided the question by carrying her bags inside. 

Ifunanya smiled in her heart. 

"Yes Victor, that's exactly what I want"

So Ifunanya went after him, pretending to be oblivious of what he was doing.

"I don't want to be a burden to you. I can manage, you don't have to be so responsible for me. I can sort myself out"

Victor then walked to where she was standing, and held her by the hand. 

"You tried to save me from her, but I labelled you a wicked person"


"Shhhh" Victor cut in "Allow me please."

And Ifunanya remained still, giving him attentive ear

Victor continued "Ifunanya, my heart is broken, can you mend it?"

"I will not only mend your heart, I will heal it, but only if you grant me the permission"

"Now, I'm giving you the permission to heal my fragile heart. It's craving for love"

"I promise you, you won't regret granting me this request."

And Victor hugged her passionately. 

"It's not going to be easy to get fully dedicated to you, but just bear with, I need time to get rid of every fragment I have of her. Only then, will my heart love you exactly the way you deserve"

"I understand Victor, I know you will come around. My heart is pure and so is the love I have for you. My true love will triumph" she said as they exchanged hug again.

Ifunanya tried kissing him, but he did not return the kiss.

"Just give me time" he requested 

"I will be waiting, my love"

Victor then entered his room. He sat on the bed, searching his heart to know if he did the right thing by accepting Ifunanya into his heart, but his heart wasn't at peace. 

"I know with time, I'm gradually going to forget about her. I have to continue living."

Amanda has finished narrating her story and Onyema concluded that, it was all Ifunanya's doing. 

"So, that was why she called me this morning, forcing me to lure you over to my house. That girl is crazy"

"Yes, I know, it's her entire plan to have him, but she is right. I can't have Victor"

"Don't say that. You can have him. Infact, he is yours. Who knows other lies he must have fed him"

"But I don't care anymore. I don't care. Victor is never going to be mine"

"Listen to me Amanda....."

"Can we stop this discussion right now?" Amanda cut in "I'm done talking about him. I've made up my mind and no turning back. Please, stop!"

And Onyema decided to honour her wish. 

Steps of Love - episode 31 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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