Steps of Love - episode 30 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of Love - episode 30 by Ngozi Lovelyn

"But that man, who is he to you?" Onyema became seriously interested to know who Victor was

"I'd rather not talk about him?" Amanda said, as her eyes filled with sadness.

Onyema felt it and asked, "is he the guy you told me about?"

"Onyema, can you just stop?" Amanda requested in a bit flared mood.

And Onyema decided to run back, to know if he could still see Victor and probably have a word with him and make him realize that, what he saw wasn't exactly what it seemed.
But before he could reach the gate, Victor already gone.

While he was still standing there, to see if he could see a trace of him, Amanda walked behind him, asking him what he was trying to do.

"Amanda, I don't know the game you have in this little head of yours, but trust me, I won't allow you mess your life because of me. Stop this! You know there is nothing between us anymore, so why denying yourself this happiness? You are in love with this guy, it's clearly showing all over you, what's going on with you? I don't understand and don't tell me it's because of the oath, because it's been long we broke it" Victor said, trying to make her see reasons with him

"But, that's why you are suffering now. That's why you got infected. You left, and you are being punished for it"

"But HIV is not a death sentence. I will still live, provided I don't miss my drugs. I'm healthy Amanda and I'm not dying anytime soon. Stop being scared"

"I am scared Onyema, I am scared for him. I don't want him to die." And she burst into tears

Onyema felt sad for her and started consoling her.

"I know we are not that intimate anymore, but we can still work something out. We can manage" Amanda suggested amidst teary eyes

"No, love can't be managed." Onyema frankly declined and continued "Amanda, that guy that just left now is your true happiness. We are not working out anything. Look at me, just look at me" Onyema requested

And Amanda raised her head, looking at Onyema whose heart was hurting on why she was trying to sabotage her future because of him.

"We are still friends, right?" He asked

And Amanda nodded....

"Now, I want you to listen to me as a true friend who would do anything for your happiness. Get rid of this fear that is clouding your heart and fix your relationship."

And Amanda paused, giving him this look, searching her heart to know if she could gather the strength to bear it, if anything terrible happens to Victor and she said, "I am sorry, I can't. I don't want to be the reason for any misfortune that will overtake his life. I love him and I can't see him in any kind of danger, knowing quite well that I am the reason" she then ran upstairs, to Onyema's flat while he followed suit.

Victor had reached his house, he staggered into his living room, broken. He held unto his heart that was struggling to bear the pains.

Ifunanya was having her bags, pretending to be leaving.
The moment Victor saw her, he fell into her arms, weeping profusely.

Ifunanya started consoling him, petting him and then sighed a relief that, she finally won.

"Victor, what is going on, why are you crying?" she asked in a shaky voice, to appear concerned.

But Victor continued hurting.

"OMG...My heart is broken seeing you like this" she pretended to be crying along

"It's over. My life is over. I can't live without her. My life is over." he continued tearing out his heart

"Your life can't be over. You found out, right? Victor, I have always been here for you. I tried saving you from this stress, but you insisted on forging ahead. Now see how she has messed up your life. She has left you in a terrible state. But don't worry, everybody is not like her. There are people who are ready to go any length just to see you smile. So my dear, you have billion reasons to continue living life to the fullest" Ifunanya tried washing his head, to make him realize what she was feeling for him.

So, what happened next?
Is he finally going to accept Ifunanya's love advances or continue fighting to win over Amanda?

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Steps of Love - episode 30 by Ngozi Lovelyn

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