Steps of love - episode 29 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 29 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Victor was following the tricycle, as his heart kept panting where Amanda was going. He kept wishing for it not to be exactly what Ifunanya claimed.

Amanda had decided to do the extraordinary by doing something no one expected. She called Onyema, asking him to come out of the house.

And Onyema heeded.

As the tricycle reached infront of Onyema's house, he was already there waiting for her.

He was thinking that Amanda had no transport fare with her, that was why she asked him to come out, but not knowing she had another plan in mind.

As she alighted from the tricycle, she rushed to where Onyema was standing and hugged him intimately. 

Beat already parked, wondering what Amanda was upto.

Victor who couldn't fathom what he saw decided to come out of the car to have a clear visual. 

And Amanda continued hugging Onyema and pecking him so affectionately. 

"Amanda?" Confused Victor called

And Amanda turned, looking at Victor, pretending to be a little bit startled

"Victor, what are you doing here? Are you following me?"

"Amanda, who is this man and why are you standing so close to him, him all over?"

"Victor, you haven't answered my question, are you following me?"

"I demand an answer this instant" Victor flared "I said, who is this man?"

Beat brought out her phone and started videoing what was happening. 

"WOW! He really caught her red handed. That means, she was into this man was busy eyeing the other guy. Girls can be unpredictable" Beat said, thinking that Victor caught Amanda, not knowing it was her doing. 

Victor stood agape, expecting answers.

"Victor, I know what your mind is telling you and it's the truth. Like I said, we don't have a future. The high time you forgot about me, the better for you"

"Amanda, you are still romancing my question, I demand in plain truth who this man is"

Onyema stood wondering what was going on. 

"Is he who my mind telling me he is?" Victor asked, as his mind kept burning for answers

"And what is your mind telling you?"

"The one you took a blood oath with?"

Amanda stood aback as to how he found out..

"Ifunanya told you?" 

But Victor ignored her, expecting a clear explanation of who Onyema was

"So, she can't keep a secret...Well, all she said is the truth. I guess, that's the reason you were following me. Yes Victor, go home. This man you see standing here is Onyema. And yes, we are bonded for life. I noticed that, Ifunanya has been romancing your heart, why not give her a chance and forget me"

She then turned to Onyema and requested tney go inside. 

"No, I don't believe this. My heart tells me you are lying. Listen to me" Victor rushed, blocking her path...

"Look me in the eyes Amanda, just look me in the eyes and tell me that, what we feel is a lie. I love you Amanda and I'm sure you share the same feelings with me. Just listen to me, everything is going to be alright. Come with me" Victor opened his hands, expecting Amanda to take it, but she frankly rejected him.

It pained her watching Victor in pains, wishing for a love that will never be.

"Stop being delusional Victor, it's pointless trying to change my mind. I don't love you, just go" and Amanda dragged Onyema, as they went inside 

Victor stood heartbroken, holding his chest. He lost his strength as he sat on the pavement that was infront of the building. 

"Oh yea, she is sure going to love this" Beat said, dialing Ifunanya's line

"You won't believe what just happened. I'm forwarding you a video. The guy is all yours now, so treat him well when he gets home'

Immediately the call ended, Ifunanya quickly rushed the video.

She continued playing it over and over again while dancing in all joy and excitement.

While they were climbing the steps, Onyema stopped Amanda to clear the confusions running in his head.

"Who was that man and why did you lie to him?"

"But I never lied. We had a blood convenant"

"Yes, but we have separated. We broke it"

"Yes, we did, but are you sure it worked? Remember the wish we made, that if we marry another person, that the person we got married to will die?"

"Yes, I remember all the promises we made, but....."

"So, I don't want him to die" Amanda cut in

And Onyema started looking at her.

"Yes, I love him with all my heart and I don't want him to die. I'm not going to forgive myself if something bad happens to him" Amanda replied as they continue climbing the stairs

Victor was still sitting on the pavement, lost of what to do next. He felt his world shutting before his eyes, he tried hard to control his emotions as tears forced their ways down his cheeks.

He managed to stand up, and then entered his car.

To be continued...

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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