Steps of love - episode 28 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 28 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

25 minutes later, Ifunanya was still waiting for Amanda to leave the house, but it seemed her hopes were about to be dashed to the walls.

"I can't remain here. This is one time I said the truth, and it's not working out for me. If Victor doesn't find out anything, he will think that I lied to him and he is not going to take it likely with me. I better leave, I can't stand his anger and hatred" She heads to the room, to gather her things.

Just then, her phone started ringing. Beat was calling and she rushed it 

"She is leaving the house now." Beat said

"Leaving the house to buy something or leaving to Onyema's house?" Ifunanya asked, tensed, expecting a positive answer,

"To Onyema's house, I guess."

"I don't need a guesswork. Confirm where she is going, please" she commanded, ending the call

"Amanda, let it be you are going to Onyema's house" She wished, tensely waiting for Beats call.

3 minutes later, Beat called back. 

"Yes, yes....Have you confirm where she is going?"

"Yes, to Onyema's house. She just entered Keke now" Beat said

"Yes! Yes!!" Ifunanya rejoiced

"But what if she is heading to another place?" Beat interrupted

"What do you mean?" 

"We don't have to conclude yet, she could be going to another place, maybe market, because she is not dressing like someone who is going to a guy's house"

"Beat, why do you want to spoil my mood now? I'm positive she is going to his house. You know what, just follow her. Don't let her out your sight"

"That's not in our agreement. You will have to pay extra"

"I thought we are beginning to know each other?'

'This is business please''

''Ok, just follow her, I will wire some money to your account now. Start going already, before you loose sight of her"

And Beat started following Amanda. 

But she discovered another development. 

Victor was following Amanda as well.

"Is that not Victor?" Beat wondered and quickly called Ifunanya 

"You won't believe who is also tracking your girlfriend?"

"Who?" Ifunanya asked

"Victor" Beat replied 

"Victor? mean, he wanted to go to the house first to check if she was there? Well, he came right on time. I think, today is a good day, luck is smiling on me. Please, keep following her, don't loose sight"

Amanda was inside Keke, not knowing that Victor was behind her.

Victor spotted Amanda stopping a tricycle the moment he was about to divert to their street. So, he decided to follow her, to know if what Ifunanya asserted was actually the truth.

Amanda's heart was heavy, her spirit was troubled. She tried to get her mood under control, but was weak. Her troubled spirit refused to be tamed. She wondered what could be happening to her.

"Why do I get this feeling that I'm about to loose something so dear to me? I've already lost Victor, so why this fear?" she feared

Ifunanya was walking about with her phone on her hand, as her heart continued beating fast. 

She knew that, she is going to be in trouble if Victor's discoveries doesn't align with her claims.

She continued hoping on luck. 

Victor doesn't like what he was doing, but the things Amanda said in the text kept fueling his zeal to carry on.

The tricycle Amanda entered diverted to Crescent Avenue.

Immediately Beat saw the street name, she put a call through Ifunanya.

"Hello....hello!" Ifunanya rushed the call

"Does Crescent Avenue ring a bell"

"Yes!" Ifunanya screamed in wild jubilation "Yes, that's Onyema's street. What about Victor, is he still following her?"

"Yes. Right behind her"

"This is good news. Everything is falling in place for me. Please, stay with them and give me all the details that happened there. I don't want to miss a thing. Record them with your phone if necessary" she requested as they ended the call.

Ifunanya jumped in joy, and fell on the couch. 

She quickly ran to the kitchen, looking around it..

"He said, this kitchen is only for his wife.... So kitchen, listen to me, I have come to tell you that, soon, you will be all mine, under my control. I can't wait to make his favourite dishes here." she smiled out in wild excitement. 

After the cyclist made a turn to the road that leads to Onyema's compound, he started wondering why the black SUV had chosen to be behind them and not even trying to overtake them.

"I don't know, but that car has been following us right from B-junction" he said Amanda's hearing. 

And Amanda looked through the side mirror and saw that, it was Victor's car.

"That's Victor, is he following me?" She wondered 

"Do you know him?" the tricyclist asked

"Yes, I know him" she replied 

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Steps of love - Episode 28 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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