Steps of love - episode 27 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 27

Onyema tried to convince Amanda to come over to his house, but she was adamant. 

Victor was getting ready to leave, but his heart was not acting along.

"I know this is not the right thing to do, but I have to. This whole thing is getting me crazy, I am loosing my mind here. It's paramount that I know my stand" he tried to convince his heart to see reasons why he should run some background check on Amanda.

"But, if actually she had a blood covenant with this Onyema, what are my chances? I'm not bothered about the HIV, but this blood convenant, it means she will be dedicated to him all her life. Oh God, why all these? Let it be that Ifunanya is lying again" Victor wished, looking almost ready to leave the house

Ifunanya kept calling Beat, to know if Amanda had left, but she got negative reply. 

She was getting restive. 

"Victor is almost ready to leave and Amanda still has not left to Onyema's house. If this my plan flop, I will be losing him forever. He will hate me and will never trust any word that drops out of my mouth again. This should never happen" 

She then thought another plan she believed would be effective.

"Yes, Onyema......yes......" she started dialing his number 

"Hello..Ifunanya..." Onyema greeted 

"Onyema, what kind of friend are you?"

"I don't understand" confused Onyema asked

Just then, Victor stepped out of his room, heading towards the exit.

Ifunanya's heart sank, as she got more desperate. 

Things were not going according to her plans.

"Hello...are you there?" Omyema asked as he was receiving no response from Ifunanya's end.

"Yes, sorry I got carried away."

"You were saying.......?"

"You said Amanda means a lot to you, but how could you be so insensitive? She needs all the care and comfort she can get, but you are nowhere helping her. Where are you Onyema? Amanda needs you"

And Omyema's mind flashed to what Amanda said that morning and how she was sounding weak the previous night and he quickly believed that, something was actually worrying her.

"Please, can you tell me what's going on with her? You know Amanda is not the type who shares her issues with anyone, no matter how serious the situation is"

"Onyema, I've called you as a concerned friend, do the needful. You are the only one Amanda needs right now"

"Alright, thanks for this info. I know exactly what to do" 

As he tried to end the call, Ifunanya cut in

"Hello, wait! Please, don't tell her I was the one who called you. Like you said, Amanda doesn't like sharing her problems. Just do anything to make her come to your house, she is going to appreciate you later, when she finally regains herself"

"Alright, I will do exactly that" Onyema assured 

Victor already left the house, and the first place he wanted to check first was Amanda's place.

He was scared of what he might find out.

A heart was telling him to go back, but for the sake of knowing his stand, he decided to push ahead.

"Has she left yet?" Ifunanya asked Beat, who was stationed at Amanda's street, keeping watch of when she will leave the house 

"Negative" Beat answered

Ifunanya irked, felt like smashing her phone, but then got hold of herself.

"Today is Saturday, Amanda why are you not going to Onyema's house? You've never missed going to his house on Saturdays?" Ifunanya became more anxious. 

Amanda had made up her mind, to stay at home. She decided to keep herself busy with house cleaning.

"Cleaning up the house can help get my mind off Victor. Yes, that's exactly what I should be doing" She concluded.

But as she tried to get up from bed, her phone started ringing. 

She checked and it was Onyema.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked

"A bit better"

"Thank God. That, means you are still coming over, right?"

"No, I just want to be left alone. I don't want to leave this house today"

"Then, I'm coming over"

"No! Don't! Are you even listening to me? I said, I want to be left alone. Get it!"

And Onyema became quiet, that he was shouted at.

Amanda realised how moody her words made him became, she then apologized. 

"Ok, I'm sorry.. See, I'm going through a lot right now. I'm emotionally drained and I would love to be left alone"

And Onyema burst into tears.

"What now? I said I'm sorry" Amanda repeated 

"I knew it will come to this. Everybody is deserting me, including you Amanda. No problem, it's my curse. I will survive" he ended the call.

And Amanda sighed, dropping her phone. 

Did she later go to his house?

Always learn that act of understanding your spirit and when it's trying to bring a message...

The answer to our yesterday's question is still not yet surfaced. We are going to find out in the next episode. Keep commenting below. You might also be one of the lucky winners and not only by answering questions, your reasonableness comment can win you a prize, just my humble way of appreciating my readers. 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

to be continued 

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