Steps of love - episode 26 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 26 by Ngozi Lovelyn

It was late in the night, Victor continued trying Amanda's line, but still not connecting. He got convinced that, she blocked his line.

Amanda's words on the text message never stopped ringing in his head, as he tried to match them with what Ifunanya said.

"Is Ifunanya saying the truth? Why is Amanda convinced that, we can't be together? This whole thing is burning me up and I don't like it. Is Amanda actually the woman for me or am I just wasting my time?" 

Victor's rhetorical questions kept accumulating, as he earnestly wished for a definite answer. 

And finally, he slept off, on empty stomach. He lost all appetite. 

Ifunanya was busy calculating how her next day would go, she was certain that Victor will still come around, to ask her questions. So she doesn't want to create room for any loopholes. 

Amanda was struggling to sleep, as her mind kept imagining what Victor must be going through. And finally, she gave in to sleep, bearing Victor in her thought. 

The next day, about 6:am in the morning, Victor woke up and his phone was the first thing he checked, to see if Amanda later called him.

But no missed call, he became sad all over again. 

Life became meaningless to him.

Amanda was having an odd feeling. Her spirit was troubled. She tried to figure out what could be troubling her, but nothing serious crossed her mind, except what happened between her and Victor.

She then, concluded that, it was because of her breakup with Victor. 

As she tried to enter her bathroom to have a bath, the feeling got stronger and she decided to lie back on the bed.

Victor was in his living room, lying on a couch, facing up,

Ifunanya walked up to him.

"Good morning" she greeted, but she was ignored. 

"You had a troubled sleep, it's showing all over your face."

But Victor never bothered to notice her presence. 

"I know what you are going through. Instead of dwelling yourself in darkness, worrying over something that is never going to be, why not make some investigations and know your stand? Life is too short to waste it on something that is never going to be"

Victor still ignored her.

"Just do this investigation, if it turns out that I'm lying, just arrest me for defamation, I'm going to pay all the damages. Infact, punish me in anyway you seem fit, but first you have to listen to me. Amanda is tied, she can't be with anyone, trust me, I am saying the truth. I tried saving you from this emotional stress, that was why I lied to you that, she was married." She stopped, waiting for Victor to react, but there was silence for 4 minutes. 

He continued lying motionless and Ifunanya felt her presence wasn't noticed. 

"Well, I've tried my best to help you, I believe you are matured and reasonable enough to do what is right for you and your futire" she said, feeling disappointed that her plan flopped 

As she was about to enter the visitor's room, Victor interrupted 

"This guy you claimed she had a blood oath with, what's his name?" 

"Onyema" Ifunanya replied 

"Where is he?" 

"He lives in town."

Victor hated the fact he was listening to Ifunanya, asking her questions about Onyema, but he had to, to help him know his true stand with Amanda. 

"This investigation you are talking about, how do you intend conducting it?" Victor asked

Ifunanya felt her heart jubilating, that she had succeeded in dragging Victor into her web.

As she tried to explain how she intend to carry out the investigation, Victor cut in.

"Give me all his details, I'm going to find out myself"

"No problem. And if you want to catch them red handed, today is the perfect day" Ifunanya said with all convictions that, Amanda would be visiting Onyema that day

Amanda was still lying down, feeling weak when her phone rang.

She checked and it was Onyema. 

"Hello sunshine, how are you this morning?"

"Hmmm...I was about calling you. I don't know if I will still make it. I'm not feeling strong"

"You are not feeling strong, since when?"

"Just this morning"

"That's why you shouldn't be alone. Come over, I'm going to take care of you. You need someone, Amanda. Don't take your bath if you don't have the strength to, just wear anything and come, I will make you feel better.  Just come, Ok..." Onyema tried to convince her


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Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

to be continued 

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