Steps of Love - Episode 25 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 25 by Ngozi Lovelyn

"If you want to use my phone, just ask nicely, I will give it to you" Ifunanya, acting all innocent. 

"What's your password?" Victor asked in a coarse angry tone

"Victor, you are scaring me now? You came back and started acting up. Listen, if you don't want me to.."

"What's your password?" He cut in

He was getting impatient, having a hunch that Ifunanya was the one who sent the message. 

Realising that, Victor wasn't in the mood for games, she gave him the password. 

He searched the phone, thoroughly but no clue was found.

Ifunanya smiled in her heart, remembering how she deleted everything. She then, thanked her stars that she deleted the messages the moment the idea came to her.

Victor who could't find any suspicious messages handed the phone back to her and started walking inside, without uttering any word.

"At least, I deserve to know why you are acting weird or you don't want me to stay in your house again?"

Victor turned, giving Ifunanya this look that was blaring with fire. 

Ifunanya became a bit startled, wondering if Victor knew she was the one who sent the message. 

"I was with Amanda this night. We were so happy and much inlove. All of a sudden, her phone beeped. Her mood changed the moment she opened that message, which I'm sure was sent by you...."

"Me? I ne....." Ifunanya interrupted, but Victor cut her shut 

"Don't interrupt me" Victor ordered and continued "Amanda sent me a message, talking nonsense, but I don't believe any word she wrote. What we shared this night was so real. I must find my woman and not even you can do anything about it"

Ifunanya started shedding crocodile tears, asking Victor why he was accusing her for something she knew nothing about.

"This is unfair. How did I know you were with Amanda? You never told where you were going, so why accusing me now?"

But Victor ignored the question and started heading to his room.

And Ifunanya blurted: "Amanda loves you, yes, but she can't be with you, she can't be with anyone, because she took a blood oath with her first boyfriend"

And Victor stopped, swiftly turned, giving Ifunanya a serious questioning look.

And she continued: "The guy is HIV positive and Amanda is positive as well"

Victor scoffed and said"You can try all you want, say anything you like, formulate all the disgusting stories you you know, my mind is made up. Nothing is going to soil the love I have for my woman"

"Then you you should ask yourself, why her mood changed after reading the text like you said.. I wasn't there, so I did not know who sent the text, but I'm having a guess it must be from her boyfriend. Amanda can not be with anyone, so better save yourself the stress. And this points to reason I lied to you earlier, that she was already married, so you will save yourself the headache, in case you were already planning on hitting on her"

"I don't even know why I'm standing here, listening to your trash" He hissed, heading inside 

"Since you don't want to believe me, I have proof"

"Which can be manipulated" Victor cut in

Victor entered his room, shutting his door in anger.

He slumped on his bed, feeling extremely sad.

"Why does love hurt so much? I love Amanda, why must I suffer serious challenges before I can be with my woman? i can't love anyone, except Amanda" He wept 

Ifunanya's plan didn't go as she planned, but she was hopeful that Victor would still come around, after seeing reasons with her.

"This time, I wasn't lying. And Amanda, sorry, I couldn't keep the secret, I'm not a good secret keeper. Your chapter with Victor is about to be closed forever. Tomorrow, everything will be in place for me" she smiled to herself 

Amanda was in her room, still nurturing the pains of loosing Victor, her phone rang.

"Hello" she greeted 

"Why are you not coming around again?" Onyema asked

"I have been busy lately, but don't worry, I will come tomorrow. You want me to get something for you?" Amanda asked

"No....just you..I just want you around" Onyema calmly requested 

"You are sounding weak, hope you are strong?"

"Yes, but I will be more better when I see you tomorrow" 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

To be continued 

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