Steps of love - episode 24 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 24 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Amanda got home, left herself on the floor and wailed uncontrollably. 

She picked her phone, calling Ifunanya. 

"Why did you hate me so much? What wrong have I ever done to you?"

"Wait a minute, are you crying? Are you really crying? You should see how comforting this makes me feel" Ifunanya taunted, bursting out in laughter 

Amanda's heart got shattered. The hatred coming from Ifunanya was too unbearable. 

"I left just like you requested, are you going to fulfill your own side of the promise?" Amanda questioned 

"Keeping my promise depends on you. You still haven't sent the message."

"Please, I beg you. He is is going to hate me forever"

"That's the essence of it. Send the message and forward the proof to me" Ifunanya commanded, ending the call. 

She tried calling her back, but she got rejected. 

Victor who was already close to his house, never stopped fighting his head, trying to figure out what happened. 

"We were so happy together and all of a sudden...........but that text, who sent that text?" he picked his phone and tried calling Amanda again, but not connecting. 
Then, a text came in.
He saw Amanda's name as the sender and quickly pulled over.

"Victor, don't bother looking for me because, you won't find me. What we felt earlier were not real. I don't love you, Victor. I was only playing you, to make it look like we are in love, just to make Ifunanya jealous. Forget me, Victor, you are not man enough  you don't fit into my class. I can't even stand your breath, Infact, it was so disgusting kissing you"

Amanda continued sitting on the floor, wondering what must be going in Victor's mind after reading the text and she felt her heart broken in pieces.
"Victor, you should have come into my life earlier and prevent me from making this outrageous mistake. Now, I will never be happy for the rest of my life. What I felt for you was so real and pure. I love you but I can't have you. So, in order to save your future, I had to restrain myself from you"

She then screenshot the text and sent it to Ifunanya. 
"I have done what you commanded, are you going to keep my secret?"

After reading what she sent, Ifunanya quickly called Amanda 

"This message is not convincing enough and you still missed the main thing. Amanda, do you think I'm a fool? Why playing soft spot here? You and I know that Victor is not going to buy this crap"

"Ifunanya, this secret is more important to me. Believe my words, I won't have anything to do with Victor again"

And then Victor's car drove into the compound. 
Seeing that it was Victor, Ifunanya then ended the call.

After Victor turned off the engine, he remained in the car.
He got tired of the world, thinking over everything.
10 minutes later, he was still in the car, still trying Amanda's line, but not reachable.

Ifunanya was feeling excited that the plan was working.
"Come inside Victor, stop giving yourself unnecessary headache, Amanda is never for you. She is not going to love you the way you deserve" She said in her heart, standing close to the window, watching him.

Victor remained in the car, reminiscing over his moment with Amanda. He tried remembering her facial expressions to know if it tallied with what she sent in the text. 

20 minutes later, he alighted and headed straight inside. 
As he entered inside, he stood facing
Ifunanya who had been waiting for him, pretending to be oblivious of everything that was happening. 

"You are welcome......but you don't look ok. Is everything alright? she gently asked

But Victor's face wasn't funny at all. He started walking towards her.

Ifunanya became unsettled, wondering what he was upto.

He stopped right in front of her and continued looking right into her eyes. 

"Victor, are getting me  uncomfortable"

"Why did you send that text?" He asked, looking very mean

"What text and who are you talking about it?"

And Victor snatched her phone from her hand.

"What's this? What are you doing with my phone?" Confused Ifunanya asked, trying to collect the phone back from him.

To be continued. 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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