Steps of love - episode 23 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 23 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

"I can't believe it happened here. I denied you in the presence of everyone" Amanda said, releasing tears.

"Shhhh......It's ok now. I have forgotten everything, stop going to the past, ok" Victor urged, warmly, drawing Amanda to his arms, petting her affectionately. 

"How can I forget? It's a horrible memory that will hunt me for the rest of my life."

"I said it's ok. I'm fine. You know, love happen in strange places. That's how our own chose to start" He said, trying to make her feel that he was Ok.

"I am so sorry Victor. I sincerely am, forgive me" She continued begging, wishing for a way to make the memory go away for ever.

"If I've not forgiven you, I wouldn't have been here, trust me. Stop hurting yourself" 

"You have a big heart. You are kind, Victor"

"Maybe, only for you. Because, I'm not the type that forgive easily" Victor said, making a faint smile, Amanda joined, smiling loudly. 
And Victor then, burst out, laughing out.

"Come, I will take you to this cool joint I know, you will love it" Victor requested 

"Alright sweetheart, I'm going to follow you anywhere you take me, with all pleasure" 

"That's my queen. Now, let's go" And Victor led her by the hand as they walked to the car

Ifunanya never stopped fuming as her mind kept imagining what Victor and Amanda must be doing together at that moment. The more she think about it, the more inflamed she became.

"I don't have to think over it too much. Amanda, enjoy tonight, because tomorrow is going to rock you so hard." she swore, breathing so hard.

As Amanda and Victor reached the bar, they settled at the VIP section. 

Amanda was placing her head on his chest, while he brushed her hair with his palms. They maintained silence, enjoying the warmth of each other's skin. 
And Victor broke the silence. 


"Yes" Amanda answered 

"How much do you love me?"

"More than you can ever imagine"

"But when did you realise that, you are in love with me?"

"It just happened. It's like, the feeling has always been there but, I never realized it"

While she was talking, explaining how she started feeling something for him, Victor continued looking deep into her eyes, realizing how much he loved her.
And then got more convinced that Amanda was made specially for him.
Amanda was still talking and he shut her up with a kiss.
This time, it was so intense 
He continued going deep, bringing his mouth down her neck, as his hand located her laps, romancing them gently.
They were getting loose of their control, wetting themselves, as they desired to have each other.

Victor gently cupped her moderately sized breast, feeling it gently, and this made Amanda loose all her strength. She opened her legs gently, for Victor to feel her private with his hand. 

"I love you baby" Victor whispered so affectionately.
"I love you too, my Prince" she replied.
And then, a casual thought crossed her mind.
"You have to stop, before he thinks you are cheap"
And she got hold of herself, shifting a bit from him.

"I'm sorry, if I went too far." Victor apologised, thinking he made her uncomfortable.

"No, baby..You did not do anything wrong. I am ok"

"Are you sure? You are not mad with me?" Victor asked, making sure that Amanda was ok.

"I am fine." she replied, looking away

Victor gave her a quick look and then pinched himself 

"I should control my feelings now. I don't want her to have the wrong impression that sx is what I came for" Victor said in his heart, caging his burning desires 

They love each other so much that they can't afford to do something that would hurt their feelings and ruin their relationship. 
They were so contented having each other.

Ifunanya was not having it any longer, so she decided to pull the strings. She couldn't wait for the next day to reach to carry out her heinous plans.
And she started typing a text.

Amanda was sipping her wine, thinking it best to tell Victor how everything happened and who was behind it all. 
"I know he has forgiven me, but I have to tell him that, I didn't do it intentionally. I was manipulated and I'm sure, Ifunanya won't rest until she ruin everything I share with Victor. He needs to know everything and what might be coming for our love" she concluded in her heart.
She then cleared her throat, adjusting herself, facing Victor.
And Victor gave her a close attention, knowing she was about to say something. 

"There is something I have to tell you?" Amanda requested 

"You can tell me anything"

"It's about what happened at that junction, how it happened and who planned it all"

"Amanda, I said it's ok. I don't want to hear about it anymore. It's in my past now, stop bringing it up. I'm begging you" Victor irked lightly 

"But it's very important that you hear me out, my own side of the story and what might be coming for us..." Amanda persisted.

Noticing how serious Amanda looked and he said ok, that she can go on.

As she tried to open her mouth, her phone beeped. She checked and it was a message from Ifunanya. 
She quickly opened it and froze at instant. 

"What is it?" Victor asked 

Amanda stood up immediately and requested to ease herself. 

Victor wasn't buying it, he knew that something was going on.
He stood, holding her.

"Your mood changed the moment you opened that text. Tell me what is going on? What did the text say?"

Amanda gave him this look, and said: "I am sorry Victor, we don't have a future together. But know this, I love you with all my heart"

And ran out.

Victor got confused as his mind tried to figure out what could be going on with Amanda, but no idea came through and he ran after. 
The time he reached outside, Amanda was no longer in sight. 
He tried calling her, but she disconnected the call, turning off her phone. 

Steps of Love - by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Warning: Copyright protected. 

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