Steps of love - Episode 22 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - Episode 22 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Ifunanya was pacing about, anxiously waiting for Beat's call.
Then, she remembered something and quickly called Beat to pause the attack. 

"Why? The girl is in sight? Nothing will go wrong" Beat assured 

"Just back down...I got a batter idea now. You know, I called you without weighing the outcome. The guy might have a hunch that I have a hand in it. I need to be very smart about this"

While they were still conversing over the phone, Amanda passed, walking as fast as her legs could carry. She placed all her concentration on where she was going and wasn't looking around. 

"Listen, the guy won't find out a thing. I can manipulate the situation. You don't have a thing to bother" Beat insisted, while still sitting in the car

"No! I know Victor and how his mind works. Don't you see what is happening? He has forgiven this girl, despite everything that happened. See, just revise and go home. I have a more lucrative plan that will set every feelings Victor has for Amanda on fire. I will brief you later."

"Ok..." Beat complied, ending the call.

Amanda had reached the junction, and started walking slowly after she saw Victor standing by the car, waiting for her.
Her heart was beating fast as her mind continued racing on the best way to behave for Victor to love her even the more. But one thing she was 100% sure off was, her feelings for Victor. They were so real.

And Victor starting walking to her.  
He felt like, he was dreaming. 
While he was walking to meet Amanda,  so many thoughts were playing in his mind.
"I can't believe it's all happening. Having my love, here with me. Love can start in all strange places. True love and its challenges. I'm going to............." his thought was interrupted by Amanda who fell into his arm and hugging him,  tightly.

He returned the hug, kissing her neck, as they continued feeling each other's arms in a firm tight manner. 

"I feel like I'm dreaming" Victor said

"I want to remain in your arms like this till the end of time" Amanda wished, as feeling of love kept swallowing them. 

"I finally found you my love, I'm not letting go. Now, I want you to say it again. I want to hear it. I want my heart to hear it again. I want my spirit to get fulfilled by the sound of it. Say it baby"

"I love you with all my heart, Victor" Amanda said, in the most romantic tone

And Victor felt something he never felt before as tear dropped. 
He never knew what brought about the tear, but he loved every feeling of it.

"I love you too my queen. I will continue loving you for the rest of my life" Victor promised, as they still maintained a hug

Then, Amanda and her mind started dragging on whether to kiss him or not.

"Kiss him now. Just kiss him." her mind urged

"I'm shy.....I'm shy....I'm shy..."Amanda replied, struggling to beat her shy away

"Don't be a bush girl, kiss him now. This is the time. Kiss him!" her mind commanded...

And Amanda planted a kiss on Victor and quickly removed her mouth.

She faced down, feeling shy. 
Victor noticed what was happening, and then caressed her cheek gently and smiling warmly. 
Amanda was feeling her stomach tightening. She felt the touch deeply and wished for him to kiss her right that moment.
And Victor lifted her jaw and kissed her so passionately. 
They kissed, not minding where they were.
Nothing else mattered at that moment. 

To be continued 

Steps of Love - by Ngozi Lovelyn 
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