Steps of Love - Episode 21 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Amanda was looking her best. She made her outfit, simple and sexy. She made sure to wear a short fitted gown that would bring out her moderately, curved hips.
"Yes, it's a date. I need to look sexy and make him fall heads, over heels for me"

While brushing her hair, she looked at herself again.

"Isn't this outfit revealing too much of my body? I don't know Victor's taste. Is he going to hate me for wearing a short tight gown?" she started having double mind. 

As she tried changing into another outfit, a thought dropped in.

"You have been wearing this outfit to events, so why now? Better be yourself and let him see you for who you are"

"Yes, I need to be myself and no forming. I love wearing skimpy outfits. I pray he doesn't mind"

Victor had reached B-junction, waiting for Amanda. 
He had been there for 5 minutes, trying her number, but not connecting. 
As he looked around, his eyes spotted the portion he was almost set ablaze. 
His mind triggered to remember the horrifying scene, but he blocked it immediately. 

"It's enough now. I have come here to see my woman and no negative memory will get in the way." he said and then, relieved a deep breath. He continued calling Amanda 

Ifunanya was no longer herself. She continued calling Beat to make sure she stopped Amanda from meeting Victor.

"I am almost there. Just calm down"

"How do you expect me to calm down when all my plans are about to go down the drain?" Ifunanya asked, anxiously 

"I can not fly, I don't have wings. Just relax, I have it under control" 

"Please, target only her face. Pour all the acid on her face." Ifunanya instructed 

"I will call you once the job is done" Beat assured, ending the call.

Ifunanya dropped the phone on the sofa, wishing for all the forces in the world to stop Victor and Amanda from seeing each other.

Amanda was still trekking towards the junction, having her small purse, which contained her phone, money and the house keys. 

She continued walking fast, so as to keep up with time, she doesn't want Victor to reach there before her, but she never knew that, he was already at the junction, trying to reach her mobile line.

Just then, her phone rang. 

"I'm very close to the junction now, where are you?" she rushed the question

"I am here already?" Victor said in a calm tone

"Really? So fast?" Amanda asked, excitedly 

Beat was already in their street, discussing with her partner on how to carry out the attack to avoid any mistake.

Amanda was walking fast, still discussing with Victor 

"I have been here for 5 minutes, waiting for you, my love. Your line is not connecting."

"I am so sorry, it could be network, my line is active. I am very close to the junction, you will see me now"

"Be fast, my love, I am waiting for you" He said so warmly 

Amanda felt more in love. She felt butterflies gyrating in her stomach. 

"Oh God! I am so inlove" she said as her mind centred on how to kiss Victor the moment she enters his car

"I am going to kiss him so passionately and make him forget all the negative thoughts I created for him." she said, yearning to start kissing and hugging him, already. 

While she was still rushing to meet Victor, Beat's car was coming opposite her direction.....

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Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 
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