Steps of love - Episode 20 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - Episode 20 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

After Victor ended the call, Amanda's zeal went down to zero.
She thought he ended the call, because of what she said and regretted ever saying "I love you".

"I can't do this. I have never fought for any man before and I don't think it's ideal for me to engage in one. I have my respect and dignity to protect" she said, dropping her phone, feeling dispirited 

And then, her phone rang and it was Victor 

"Victor?"she screamed aloud. She wasn't expecting a call back.

She took a deep breath and then, picked her phone.

Victor was having the phone to his ear, waiting for her to say something. 

While they were still on call, Ifunanya was in the room, gathering her things. 

"From the way things are going, if I fail to do something, this guy will be forgetting everything he went through because of Amanda. Is he even mad? What kind of man would forgive and forget such terrible humiliation?" she wondered, packing her clothes.
"I can't do anything if I continue staying here" she added.

Amanda was panicking, expecting to be shouted at for saying "I love you".

"I am sorry, I....I......shouldn't have said that, but it's how I am feeling at the moment. I am sor.."

"Can we see?" Victor cut in

Amanda wasn't sure of what she heard, she paused for 5 seconds, to know if Victor could repeat what he said, but he did not. He was waiting for her reply. 

""she startled 

"Are you free, can we see?" he repeated 

"Yes....yes!...Yes...Where? Just tell me where and I will be there before you know it" 

At that moment, Victor's heart was filled with..... Infact, he couldn't explain how was feeling, but he loved every bit of it.

The "I love you" Amanda said, cleared all the hatred, anger and distest he had for her, thereby, renewing his love for her.

After they ended the call, Victor dashed into his room, looking excited. 
He rushed the bathroom, to have a cool bath, to make sure he smelled fresh for his love.

"Alright Victor, I am waiting for you here... Do and come out,  I'm going to give you a secret that will blow this new happiness away. I am waiting..........." Ifunanya smiled faintly, sitting in the living room, with her bag, waiting for Victor to come out.

Amanda who couldn't control her excitement saw herself to the bathroom, dancing joyfully, taking her own bath.
She started practicing in her mind, things she will do to Victor when they meet. 
"Yes, I will kiss him, then kneel in his front and pour out my heart to him, telling him how sorry I am and how everything happened. I will also tell him that, it was all Ifunanya's fault. She was behind everything" she said to herself and started rushing her bath so that, she doesn't keep Victor waiting. 

After Victor got ready, wearing his most expensive shirt, his designer perfume, he stood in front of the mirror, making sure he was looking cute.
After confirming he was ok, he then dashed out, facing Ifunanya who was carrying her bag, waiting for him to come out.

"Victor, I am..."

"Ifunanya, whatever you want to tell me should wait, there is someone I wouldn't like to keep waiting"

And Victor's phone started ringing 

Ifunanya continued: "But it's important you hear me out, it's about your"..

"Hello...."Victor interrupted her, walking out of the house

"Shit! I really need to stop him." She tried to run after him, but Victor was  fast, still discussing with Amanda on the phone.

"Ok, you know what, just wait for me at that junction, I'm coming to pick you" Victor suggested, entering his car.

And Ifunanya lost it, hearing the last words.

"He is even giving her a fair treatment, what's all this now?" She rushed inside, grabbed her phone, to call Beat.

Victor was on steering, imagining how his date will go. He then wished for everything to go smoothly. 
While he was still driving, "I love you" played in his head again and his veins tightened. 

"I love you too Amanda and no amount of hatred, anger can ever stop that. I really can't wait to see you, Baby"

And then, he realized he called her "baby" again. 

"Yes, you are my Baby, I love you too, my love. I can't wait to see you"

And there was traffic. 

"Ooooom! What's all these now?" he irked and then picked his phone to call Amanda to know if she was at the junction already.

To be continued......

Steps of Love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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