My friend's fiance and I part 5 (A Ngozi Lovelyn Reality Story)

My friend's fiance and I part 5 (A Ngozi Lovelyn Reality Story)

"Ok, but you haven't mentioned time?" I asked

"7 and not even a minute late" he replied 

"I am going to be there by 7pm. But tell me, what are you going to do with me when we see?"

He did not reply the chat.

I waited for 5 minutes, he still did not reply. He read it, but did not say anything. So, I forwarded him one of my twerking videos I have on my phone.

He watched it and requested I send another one.

Yes, he loved what he saw, I then sent him another one

"Do you have the one you are twerking naked?"

"Yes" i replied 

"send it"


I expected him to persuade me to send it, but he stopped there. He didn't press further.

He was acting a bit cold, but I never bothered. My mind was already made up to have him and so shall it be.

I then gazed at Queen as my heart wandered if I was doing the right thing. Queen is my friend, Offcourse I'm supposed to feel a little bit guilty, I still have my humanity. Come on, don't make your face like that, I'm not entirely bad person as you are thinking right now....

"I'm not planning on hurting their relationship... I only want a piece of him, that's all. Then, she can have him all to herself. I've already made love to him in my mind, so nothing is going to stop me from having him in person. I will only make sure Queen doesn't find out" I concluded 

The time was 4:05 pm, I needed to reach home, freshen up before meeting my charmed. 

So, I turned to Queen and asked her to hurry up with the meeting, that I have another place I need to rush to.

"Ah ah...but you told me you are free today and that was why we scheduled this meeting for today"

"You can't always control circumstances. This matter is urgent, so I need to be there"

And Queen continued looking at me. She was unhappy with the development. 

"I'm sorry naa, it's about my cousin, I need to be there with her. She is sick. Just update me with everything you guys concluded on, I'm not going to object anything. You are my bestie, so anything you agreed on is fine by me" I then gave her a friendly peck and whisked myself out of the place

About 6:30 pm, I called him, to inform him that I was about coming to the hotel, but he did not answer my calls.

I then, sent him a text, telling him that I'm about coming out and also find out if we are still meeting that evening. He read the text and still did not reply. 

Then, I left anyway.

He read the text and understood everything I wrote there, so I believed he doesn't have any issue with me coming. So, I left the house without confirming from him if the situation was right for me to start coming or not.

Finally, I'm at Indigo hotels, calling him, but he still did not respond. I then headed straight to room 451.

Should I tell you what happened next? Your comments pls

My friend's fiance and I (A Ngozi Lovelyn Reality Story)

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