My friend's fiance and I part 4 (Ngozi Lovelyn reality story)


My friend's fiance and I part 4 (Ngozi Lovelyn reality story)

The heat was much, my desire of having him was burning high, Francis continued staring at our direction, but I know I was the one he was busy glaring at. 

I'm that seductive actress that knows how to charm the heart of every man. So many people are gifted in many ways, but my own sepecial gift is to charm a man and I'm making good use of it. It's not my fault that I'm born that way...Ok now, enough about my uncommon gift, back to my story.

My eyes caught a glimpse of my friend, Queen who was busy disgracing herself. 

I shouldn't have asked her to do that. She will never be like me, in terms of playing with our body as a woman.

So I gently tapped her to stop.

You should have seen her face. OMG! It was horrible. 

"You are not doing it right, please stop" I gently requested her to stop.

"He was seriously looking at me, why did you interrupt me?" 

"No girl, she was never looking at you." I said in my heart

"You have a lot to learn about men. I will teach you how to be seductive"

"I don't think I need such lectures, you need it more than me. I've already trapped my man, so you need it to trap your own man" she rejects my kind offer

"But you will need it to keep the relationship flourishing" I insist

"Chidiebere, enough!....I'm ok with my man. And besides, you are not the type I should be receiving lectures relating to men. You that can't even maintain a proper love relationship"


"No Chidiebere, I said enough." she shunned me.

I noticed she was getting irritated with the way I was intruding into her affair 

"I am sorry darling" I sincerely apologised 

She then looked at me and said, it's ok...

"I'm not angry, it's just that, you are making me feel as if I can't keep a man."

I sincerely wanted her to learn some of the tricks, because she was horrible at it. It's one thing to get a man, but another thing to keep him attracted to you. But since she was feeling adamant, I had to let her be.

"So, to the reason why we are here. What colour are we finally agreeing on?" I changed the atmosphere 

As we jumped into discussions, my phone beeped. 

I checked, it was Francis 

He wrote "I don't like it when girls challenge me"

The opportunity I was waiting for, so I had to reply him immediately. 

"As far as I'm concerned, nobody challenged you"

"Meet me this evening at Indigo hotels, room 451. It's my favourite room, I  already booked it"

"Wow! Easy my hungry lion...Are you not supposed to be planning your wedding?" 

"Is there any law preventing me from going to a hotel? Don't be late, I hate even 2 minutes late" 

The message sounded like a command but I loved the sound of it.

Hope you are reading.........Do you think I later met him at the hotel?

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