My friend's fiance and I (part 3) by Ngozi Lovelyn

My friend's fiance and I (part 3)

"Babe, you are lucky oo" I repeated

"I have heard you many times are you going to say it?" Queen asked, giving me this look.

"It's just to tell you that, I'm happy for my friend. Super happy for you, darling."

"Oooooo, thank you.... That's why you need to start making up your mind to get married, so you will become lucky, just as I am"

"Hmmm.....I have heard you, but come closer, I want to ask you something"

And Queen, came closer, thinking I was about asking something serious. 

"Is he fire on bed?" I asked in a deep low tone

"Chidiebere!" Queen shocked, she wasn't expecting that kind of question. 

I looked at Francis, he was looking directly at us, I guessed he must be wondering what I was asking his wife to be.

"What? It's just an honest question. And besides, we've never hidden such interesting stuffs from each other. We share our findings about men. Come on tell me, I want to calculate how lucky you are" I asked, making a smiley face, so that, she doesn't find out the passion that was burning up in my heart. 

"So tell me, how is he?. Come on girl...Not like I'm going to snatch him. You know I'm not the type who snatch people's men. So tell me" I was eager to know the stuff Victor is made off. 

And finally, I convinced her.

She said, he is good on bed.

"Though, there are other sides of him I still haven't explored, but he is good" she said

And this triggered my hot desire to have him. My dirty mind tried to undress him and fu-2ck him right there in that bar without my permission, but I dragged her back. Imagine that mind, she doesn't have respect for me at all. She keeps fu2king people anyhow. (hehehehe)

"Queen" I called 

"Yes" she answered

"I have calculated everything, you 

won 1billion"

And she smiled..

"Oh, thank you once again. And enough with this compliment. Sex, and good looks are not what marriage is all about. What if he is a cheat?" 

"But Queen, I have a question to ask?"

"Another nonsense question? Please, I'm not replying you again"

"How come I never met him before now"

And she started looking at me

"We've been tight friends, but yet, you hid him from me, am I that bad?"

"No, don't think it that way. It's not even upto 3 months we met and which you are aware off and besides, my mom warned me not to flaunt him in front of my friends, until I'm sure he is set to marry me. You know my mom and her believes. So, don't take it the wrong way"

While Queen was busy explaining the details to me, Francis was looking opposite our direction. 

"Your husband is admiring you. He can't get his eyes off you" I interrupted her

As she tried to look at his direction, I stopped her. So that, he doesn't think we are discussing about him.

"Just look with style and make some sexy gestures"

"Sexy gestures? You know I'm not good in all those stuffs"

"Then, you have to learn it. Learn to entice him. So, go ahead and play your feminine characters"

And Queen, turned doing her thing, while I grabbed my drink, making some sexy gestures with my body aswell. I pushed my boobs up, raising my head a bit high. I used my left hand to lift the straw that was inside my drink, so as to give my tongue the space to stick out a bit longer. 

I needed him to see the size of my tongue, and how I can control his stick with it. 

He was just looking at us, but I know he felt me. 

No man has ever resisted my charm. 

Queen was doing what I asked her to, but no one beats me in that game. 

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