My firend's fiance and I - episode 2 (Reality story) by Ngozi lovelyn

My firend's fiance and I - episode 2 (Reality story) by Ngozi lovelyn

My friend's fiance and I (part 2)

So, when I got inside, I called my friend, Queen, telling her that I was already inside the bar, so she directed me to where she was, with the girls, my fellow bridesmaids. 

"You came late" she said

"It's not my fault. You should have told me that the place is not far. The stupid keke guy insisted that I give him 500 naira" 

"Did you give it to him?" she asked, raising eyebrows 

" know me na. I can't make such a mistake. I met one sweet guy who came to my rescue."

"A sweet guy kwa? Who is this sweet guy?" Queen got curious 

"He is so handsome. See, I don't mind having a night stand with him

"Chidiebere, you can never change. When are you going to repent?"

"Till I sleep with all the handsome guys in the city. And this guy, I have already slept with him in my mind, and soon, it will be happening live" I replied, making Queen to shake her head.

"I will fast and pray for you, so you will repent. I want you to be the next bride after me" she added

"Nooo....marriage is not yet in my agenda. I'm not ready for that prison yet" I swiftly rejected her wish

One of the girls laughed "This your friend is character oo"

I smiled back, trying to bring out my phone from my handbag 

"That's my husband coming" Queen said, tapping me

And I got weak at instant, looking at my handsome coming towards us.

"What? You mean, he is your husband?" I asked, trying to curtail my shock

"Yes" Queen replied, trying to observe my look. 

Immediately I noticed she was looking at me, I controlled the situation, so she doesn't find out what was happening with my soul. I was burning up in disappointment. 

"Well, it's only a one night stand and that will be the end of it. It's not my fault that I have a thing for sweet looking guys" I concluded in my heart

"You are so lucky my dear friend. Your marriage is already blessed. Congratulations" I warmly said to Queen 

"You think so?" she asked, showing feeling of excitement 

"Yes, he looks good, kind and handsome. You are so lucky dear friend" I added. 

And Queen smiled, feeling fulfilled. 


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