Steps of love - episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn


Steps of love: episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

4 hours after they arrived the hospital, Victor was already responding to treatment. 

"He is strong. Nobody undergoes such harsh treatment without delving into coma" he said to Ifunanya who was sitting close to Victor on the hospital bed

"He needs great amount of rest" the doctor added and Ifunanya became grateful and appreciated him.

Amanda was still at the scene, trying to connect Ifunanya's line, but wasn't reachable. 

Just then, the guy who picked Victor's car key arrived, carefully looking around to see if he was been watched. 

Amanda spotted him as he appeared suspicious. She fixed a gaze on him to find out what he was upto. 

And then, he opened the car. 

"Wait a minute, did he just opened the car?" She ran straight to him, asking whom he was.

"I'm his friend, he said I should drive the car to his house." He said. 

"Really? You are his friend? How is he now?" 

"Good" he said, rushing into the car. 

"Please, can you take me to him? I really need to see him, so I can apologise. I'm the cause of everything" Amanda calmly requested, but the guy seemed uninterested to what she was saying, as he was busy trying to start the car.

He experienced unwanted situation after realising that the car was of manual transmission. He doesn't have a clue on how to operate manuals. Out of frustration, he hit the steering. 

"What is going on?" Amanda asked, but he ignored her, trying out his best to move the car. 

Amanda carefully observed him as he looked suspicious. And then, she realized the guy wasn't whom he claimed he was.

She then thought of the best way to recover the car from him. 

"Don't worry, I can drive it." She said, as the guy gave her a quick look.

"Yes, it's manual, I can drive it to the place he asked you to bring it. Just come down, give me the key and then enter from the other side." She requested, appearing so warm. 

And the unsuspecting guy quickly handed the key over to her, coming down from the car. 

And Amanda rushed inside and pressed the center lock. Before the guy could reach the passenger side, Amanda zoomed off. And he got the shock of his life.

Right on the hospital bed, Ifunanya was siting on a chair close to Victor, praying for his total healing. 

And then, Victor who had been under a heavy sedative woke up, and saw Ifunanya sitting beside him.

"What are you doing here?" He said, gnashing in pains, as he struggled to adjust his lying position. 

"You are awake? Thank God. I was so worried about you. I don't know what I would have done if those guys had succeeded"

And remembering the torture, the shame he passed through, tears flowed freely down to his ears. 

"It was all because of your lies. But why those lies?" He asked in a shaking voice

"I am sorry. I allowed my jealousy get the best of me. Don't worry, I will call Amanda now and explain everything to her" she said, shedding tears, bringing out her phone.

"Forget it." Victor said

"She needs to hear the truth. I made her see you as a very rude and mean person. Let me call her now and rectify everything" Ifunanya said, feeling deeply remorseful 

"And I said, you should forget it" Victor said in a heavy tone.


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