Steps of love - episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of Love- Ep 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

The Keke guy couldn't stand and watch an innocent man facing a horrible jungle Justice, he had to do something. 

"This man is innocent." He shouted, jumping in their midst 

"Bia oga, we no send you ooo. If you wan die alongside with him, na your call be dat" One of the angry mobs said

"Na me be dat Keke man wey carry dat lady comot. She sabi the man well well. If na lie I dey lie, make trailer jam me." he said in a loud sharp voice. And the angry looking guys halt, trying to understand him better. 

The guy who picked Victor's car key saw what was happening and decided to take action immediately. 

"This man is lying. What if they are working together? How can he prove that the girl knows this man? There is no way she will start telling him that she knows the man. Just think, an ordinary Keke driver for that matter. They are working together" the guy said, sounding convincing 

And they pounced on the innocent tricycle rider. And a second tyre was brought, which they hanged on his neck.

They were about pouring fuel on him too when Ifunanya broke into their midst.

Amanda was still in Keke that was driving down to B.line junction when a fellow passenger received a call that, there was a man who was about to be set ablaze at B.line junction.

"Wait, did I hear you correctly? That they are about to set someone on fire?" Amanda asked, to confirm if what she heard was true 

"Yes, jungle justice is currently going on at B.line junction. You know, everyday they say, is for the thief, but one day is for the owner. That's what suits all these 419 people" 

Amanda burst into tears, asking the driver to drive fast.

"That man is innocent. It's all my fault. Driver pls, run fast" she pleaded, crying as the driver gave her a side look.

She then pleaded with the passenger who received the call to call his brother back and tell him to stop them, that the guy was innocent. 

But the guy was confused, trying to understand the angle she was coming from. 

"It might be too late before we get there. I will explain to you later, just call your brother please, I beg you" she pleaded in a folded hands, as tears continued rolling down her cheeks.

"Ook" he said, bringing out his phone 

"Bros, how far, dey don burn the guy?" He asked

"Wait, I can't hear you clearly, you said it's too late now?" He continued 

Amanda's heart flipped hearing the conversation. She placed her hands on her head.

While disconnecting the call, he looked at Amanda, who was crying profusely 

"Yes, I heard it, he said it's too late now." She said, imagining the pains Victor must have felt before kissing death.

"That's not what he said" the passenger said, as he continued gazing at Amanda who gave him a quick look.

While Ifunanya was running to B.line junction, she put a call through one of her friends who was a police officer. 

As luck had it, they responded on them.

The moment Ifunanya stormed the scene and was about to explain to them that Victor was innocent, the police arrived and the angry mobs took to their heels. They dispersed, leaving Victor who was struggling to breath, the Keke driver and Ifunanya who was crying emotionally, begging Victor not to die.

"Hospital. Let's take him to the hospital, he is dying" Ifunanya pleaded with the police officers 

Amanda is heaving a relief after the passenger told her how the situation was salvaged with police arrival. 

"Thank God he is alive." She continued feeling relieved that he wasn't dead

"So, what did you say happened?" The passenger asked 

"To tell you the truth, it's not something I'm so proud off. I don't know how to start explaining it. But I'm glad he lives." Amanda said, looking away, avoiding the question. 

She remembered Ifunanya and decided to call her, but she ignored her calls. She dialed the number again, she still ignored her.

She then wondered why Ifunanya rejected her calls.


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