Steps of love - episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn


Steps of Love - Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Amanda was laughing loudly in the keke, gisting Ifunanya what happened with Victor that morning. 

"He is learning his lessons the hard way. Next time, he won't mess with a woman"

Ifunanya pretended to be happy about it, laughing along.

"I am so proud of you, Ama. You did well. Where exactly did you say it happened?"

"Just at that B.line junction, close to our street" Amanda replied 

"I have to go now, I have something on fire" Ifunanya said

"Ok babe" Amanda replied, ending the call 

"I thought you said, you don't know that man?" The driver cut in

"So you were eavesdropping to my conversation? Learn to mind your business"

"Just pray nothing happens to him or his blood will be on your head?" 

His words pierced Amanda's heart, getting her angrier. 

"See me see trouble, Mr man, who sent you? Pls stop, stop me here biko"

The Keke driver pulled over.

Amanda alighted, asking how much was her fare.

"I'm going back to help that man. I pray they haven't lynched him to death, already" the driver said, revising 

"What?" Looking at the tricycle zooming off

and continued "That's why people should learn to mind their business. He doesn't even know what Victor did and he is siding for him" she hissed, looking for another tricycle to stop.

Victor had been beating to a pulp, as he continued begging for his life. Blood was gushing down from his mouth and head with serious bruises in different parts of his body. But the angry mobs were still not yet satisfied. 

A fellow who was a victim of roadside scammers suggested burning him. He rolled down a tyre, placing it on his head. He narrated how he was scammed of his hard earned money which was meant for his mother's hospital bills. And having his heart more bittered, remembering how he lost his mother in the process. And that fueled their zeal to burn him after he narrated his story.

Ifunanya was locking her door, running down to B.line junction. 

"I just pray nothing bad happens to him" she continued praying in her heart.

Amanda who was already in another tricycle started feeling remorseful. The things the first Keke guy said turned her mind into a battle ground. 

"What have I done? What if they lynch him? Oga can you revise and take me to B.line junction? I will pay you double"

"I haven't reached my destination yet" one of the 4 passengers inside the tricycle said

"It's a matter of life and death, please" she continued pleading 

"Madam, I got a call that my daughter is sick. I'm trying to get home fast" another passenger said 

The Keke rider ignored them. 

"Stop! Just stop me here." Amanda requested in a heavy tone as the driver pulled over. She paid, started running back, looking for a tricycle that was going down her direction. 

Her heart started beating fast, feeling that something terrible was about to happen to Victor. 

She yelled in a heavy tone, not minding she was on the road.

"God please save him! I am so sorry, I don't know what I was thinking." She continued searching for a tricycle that was going her path.

The Keke rider was able to reach there on time, and felt pained on what his fellow man was passing through because of a woman.

As he rushed to save Victor, it struck his mind on what might befall him if he frankly told them he was innocent. 

"They will see me as an accomplice and set me ablaze too. Ok, I know what to do"

He broke into their midst and requested to hand him over to the police. 

But they pushed him aside and started sprinkling fuel on him.

One of the guys spotted his car keys, he picked it and hid it in his pocket.


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