Steps of love - episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn


Steps of love - ep 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Victor, who still couldn't wrap his head on what was going on decided to call a friend, who happened to be their former coursemate.

"Okwy, I need your help." He said

"Ok shoot, if it's something I can do" Okwy responded 

"You remember Amanda and Ifunanya, our former course mates?"

"Yes...., the inseparable friends? I remember them, so what about them?" Okwy asked

"Do you in anyway have Amanda's call line or know anyone that knows her or where she works?"

"No, they were not in my clique, but I know someone who I can ask" Okwy replied 

"Thank you...I will be waiting for your call" Victor said, sounding appreciative 

They ended the call.

Amanda had sitted in the office, thinking over her encounter with Victor. She was wondering if she did the right thing by reacting impulsively.

"Yes, he deserved it. No man messes with a woman like that" She said, resuming her work.

Amanda didn't keep much friends when she was in school, and the "call line" her former coursemates knew her with was stolen alongside her phone and she couldn't retrieve it, because the data on the registration form was different from her's''. 

The person Okwy called said she doesn't have Amanda's line, but she had Ifunanya's. "She and Ifunanya were tight friends, let me call her to know if she has her line"

"Ok...waiting for it" Okwy said 

Five minutes later, Victor's phone beeped. He checked, it was a message from Okwy.

He smiled visibly and quickly dialed the number and a guy answered. 

"Pls can you hand over the phone to the owner?" Victor kindly requested 

"Are you crazy? You called my line and you are asking me to give it to the owner?" The person raked 

"Oh sorry, I must have called a wrong number" Victor apologized, disconnecting the line and quickly called Okwy to check the number he sent to him, to know if he made a mistake. 

"I forwarded the message exactly the way I received it."

"Who sent it to you?" 

"Ebere. She got the number from Ifunanya" Okwy said


"Yes" Okwy replied 

"Now I see...."

"You see what?" Okwy asked

"Never mind. And thanks much, really appreciate"

"You are welcome" Okwy said disconnecting the line.

The next morning, Victor decided to go to the same spot he saw Amanda the previous day, to know if luck would shine on him.

1hr later, he was still waiting. 

"Amanda, I am not giving up on you. Ifunanya is a liar. Maybe, she also lied about you getting married. Yes, she doesn't even look married and there is no wedding ring on her finger. I'm having this strong feeling she is not married" Victor's hope was getting high

2hrs later, he was still waiting. And luckily, Amanda was spotted waking towards the spot he saw her the previous day.

Victor rushed out of his car, but Amanda wasn't pleased to see him.

"Good morning beautiful, how are you?" He greeted

"I am fine. Are you following me?" Amanda asked, giving a mean facial expression.

"Amanda, you need to hear me out" he said holding her hand

"Victor, leave my hand" she calmly warned

"Not until you hear me out. Ifunanya is deceiving you. She is lying to you" Victor rushed his words, but Amanda's anger stirred up aggressively 

"I said leave me alone" she shouted, drawing the attention of passersby.

"Baby, just give me 30 seconds to explain everything." Victor continued pleading, but Amanda wasn't having any of it. 

"I vowed that, today, you must hear my own side of the story. I also demand a fair hearing, Amanda"

"Victor, are you this cheap? All these things what are they for? Just to see the colour of my pant?"

"Jesus! Amanda, how can you say a thing like that?"

"Then leave me alone" she shouted the second time, drawing angry mobs to their spot.

They quickly concluded he was a con man who uses charm to hypnotise people and make them do whatever they ask them to.

They grabbed Victor and started hitting him without even asking what was going on. Amanda stepped by the side and started stopping a Keke.

Victor was shocked looking at her, wondering why she was paying a nonchalant attitude. He started shouting, that he wasn't whom they thought he was, that they should ask her.

But Amanda ignored him, continued stopping a Keke.

Victor continued insisting that they should ask her before she leaves the scene.

So one of the mobs heeded to his request, but Amanda who was already inside Keke and was about leaving, boldly said "no", to the hearing of everybody, that she doesn't know him.

And Victor couldn't believe his ears. He was mercilessly beaten as he continued begging he was innocent of what they were accusing him off. 

Amanda who was still in Keke continued having her anger boiling up "when I had nothing, when the world was against me, Ifunanya was the only one who stood by me. She is what I am today, how could he call her a liar? Ifunanya is one person who would do anything to secure my happiness. He deserves the punishment he is getting now, next time he will think twice before opening the gutter he called mouth to insult my friend. Let me call her sef, she will be so thrilled to hear this gist"


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