Steps of love - episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn

 Steps of LOVE - episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

After Amanda found Victor on Facebook, she took a deep breath, released a smile and then, started going through his pictures to see if she could find his wedding pictures to know the type of woman he married, but couldn't find any.

"How come he didn't post any of his wife's pictures? Maybe, he is among those who doesn't post their private lives online." She concluded 

As she was about to hit the 'Add friend" button, she gazed at Ifunanya who was still sleeping, remembering the promise she made to her. She sighed and then sent the request.

The next morning, immediately she woke up, she rushed her phone, to see if Victor had responded to the request, but he hadn't gone online. 

So she stood up, headed to the bathroom to get ready for work.

It was a busy morning, Amanda was standing on the road, trying to stop a Keke, a black SUV pulled over to her side. 

But she paid no attention to the car and continued looking for a Keke to stop. 

As she turned towards the car, she saw Victor walking towards her side and she fixed a gaze at him, looking cheerfully stunned. She was dumbfounded with missed feelings, he was the last person she expected to see that morning. 

"Victor?" She called 

"Look at you... Oh my God! You haven't changed a bit." Happy looking Victor said, walking closer to her

They hugged, a bit tightly.

As they embraced, they felt a strong energy spark running through their veins. They felt like not letting go of each other's arms. 

But as Amanda remembered he was married, she quickly let loose of him.

Observing her face, realising how unease the hug made her feel, he started apologising "I am sorry. For a minute, I forgot you are married and I can't have you"

Amanda gave him a surprise look, wondering why he said that.

She then remembered the things Ifunanya said and how insulted he made her feel. "You are sounding so nice and so different. I'm still wondering why did it. Why you had to insult her like that"

Victor got confused, looking at her to understand what she was trying to say.

Amanda continued "to tell you the truth, I am mad at you. We are no longer in the time of our forefathers when it's only the duty of a man to propose to a woman. You shouldn't have insulted her like that and said all those nonsense you spewed against us, you should have just said no and walked away. 

"Amanda, you are getting me confused, what are you talking about and who are you referring to?" Confused Victor asked, calmly.

"Stop acting so innocent, Ifunanya told me everything. How you insulted us simply because she asked for your hand in marriage."

"I did no such thing. I don't know Ifunanya to be a liar, that's why I'm trying to understand what you are trying to say. You are getting me confused. Are you referring to my encounter with her yesterday?" Victor asked

"Yes" Amanda replied 

"Ok, let me explain what happened"

Amanda cut in "Victor, like you said, Ifunanya is not a liar. So don't try to sweet talk me out of it. You are no longer the Victor we knew." She turned, stopping a Keke that was coming directly to her spot.

"Amanda, can we go to a cool place and sort this like matured adult? Let me explain what happened, ok. I only asked..."

Amanda interrupted, telling the Keke rider the direction she was going.

"Amanda, listen to me. We can go with my car. Just come with me, I need to clear myself"

But the Keke zoomed off. 

Victor was left in total confusion. He wondered the things he said to Ifunanya that could warrant such behaviour from them. He got his phone, started dialing Ifunanya's number, but wasn't connecting. 

"Wait a minute, did she ban my line?"

Amanda who was still in Keke, brought out her phone and cancelled the friend request he sent to Victor and also blocked him so that he won't ever find her on Facebook. 

To be continued..

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